Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Our journey on earth is not always clear. We do not always know which direction to go in or where to turn. It can be tricky and sometimes scary. But there is no need to be scared...for you are really never alone. There are many loving people and souls on your journey with you. Some you may see, others are invisible to your eye...but they are there to love, help and guide you.

The most important person on that journey with you is God. HE IS ALWAYS PRESENT AND IS BY YOUR SIDE. HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU. This is true. Some people come in and out of our lives, but GOD IS EVER PRESENT. HE likes it that way. HE will watch you and love you each day.

If you wish to feel HIS presence, than please ask HIM. HE will reveal himself to you in many ways and you will not be afraid to move forward in your life. Allow yourself to trust HIM more...and HE will reassure you, every step of the way. He may do this through friends, family and circumstances. GOD may also put direct signs in your life. Look for them. HE will also use that little voice inside of you to communicate...please listen for that inner voice and follow it.

TRUST GOD, then please ASK HIM TO LEAD YOU...AND YOU WILL FOLLOW HIM. ASK GOD TO GO FIRST...FOR HE ALWAYS KNOWS THE BEST WAYS...AND WILL NEVER MAKE A MISTAKE WITH YOUR LIFE. Ask GOD to connect you so close to HIM, that you may never become separated on your journey. This will make you feel better and safe. GOD will do this lovingly and gladly for you. Never believe that you are here alone and have no one to turn to...that is not true.

So many people are going through difficult and heart wrecking decisions now in their lives...go to GOD and ask for help. HE IS TRULY THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS WHAT IS BEST IN YOUR LIFE. TRUST HIM, HAVE FAITH THAT GOD LOVES YOU AND WILL DO EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER TO GUIDE YOU AND BRING YOU HOME TO HEAVEN ONE DAY. God so much wants you to be happy on earth. Let HIM help you.
GOD walks with you, you are never alone. Open your heart, mind and soul to HIM and everything will be OK. He who walks with God, has nothing to fear! Go with God and smile!


Lloyd said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement. May our Lord Jesus be with you and give you an abundence of life. God bless, Lloyd

Violeta said...

Thank yoi so much for this post ,Kathleen!!
We can only plan how to spend the time
given to us in a wise manner.
And we should be doing this with the Lord in mind,
reflecting on what would be
that pleasing, perfect will of God.

May the good Lord bless and keep you
as you reflect on the time you are spending
in His presence and service!
I WILL SERVE HIM all my life,
love you ,

Jim Fargiano said...

Kath, I love the message. Our life is our gift from God. It is also the footprints that we leave behind us that becomes our gift to Him. Obviously, when we realize how advantageous it is to live peacefully, prosperously and in union with our Higher Self, our lives feel more fulfilled.

Keep bring the messages to us because you do such a great job of it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these words.