Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Being close to Jesus...has it's rewards. Life of course has it's ups and downs...but when Jesus is your friend, life takes on a whole new perspective. You don't take life too seriously in the sense, that others and situations can effect you in a negative way.

You feel loved and protected by Jesus. You know that HE is with you all the time...watching, observing and interacting when you ask or IF HE FEELS IT IS NECESSARY. A friendship with Jesus is very special. It is all encompassing in a good way. You wake each day, knowing of this extremely powerful, loving person by your side. It is a true love and friendship...and nothing can come between you and HIM. I would not allow it, nor would HE.

Even at moments when you feel down, frustrated or upset...it seems momentary because of Jesus. YOU KNOW, HE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO TOLERATE ANYTHING, THAT YOU CANNOT HANDLE WITH HIM. So the moments of stress, sadness and frustration are very small and limited. All you have to do is go to HIM WITH YOUR FEELINGS. They may be moments in your heart thinking of HIM or looking at an image of HIM, that you adore. HE is alive and present and you can feel HIS comfort immediately. Just spending time with Jesus, you know that everything will be OK. HE loves you and will heal your sad heart and disappointment that others may cause in your life.

Overall, I can honestly say, that I am happy most of the time because of my relationship with Jesus. HE and I are so close, that nothing can happen to me without his approval. And generally, HE only allows good things to happen to me...and if some hardships fall my way, HE is the one to encourage me to overcome them. HE GIVES ME THE STRENGTH AND LOVE TO STAND STRONG AND BE INDEPENDENT ON EARTH.

I have gone to Jesus with a loving heart, offering HIM my will to choose the best for me. And Jesus has lovingly accepted this. HE guides me in everything, loves me throughout all I do and will ALWAYS BE THERE FOR ME...FOR ETERNITY. This I know for sure!
Jesus will never forsake me...nor will HE forsake you!

Each of us has the opportunity to bond with Jesus and have our own special relationship. I urge all of you to turn to HIM...offer HIM your heart. HE will lovingly accept it and take care of you forever! Start feeling good...because of Jesus!


Matt. said...

I like this... I like it a lot.

"I urge all of you to turn to HIM...offer HIM your heart. HE will lovingly accept it and take care of you forever!"

It dosen't get ant plainer than that.

P.S. The song adds depth... everything is gonna be alright; alright indeed.


Anonymous said...

very nice post!

I was singing "Feelin' Good" this morning by Michael Buble, and although it isn't a religious song, I was indeed, feeling good because of Jesus.

In a hard won battle that God helped me win last night. I wrote about it on my blog today.

See you around!

Marty Duane

covnitkepr1 said...

Well written. Every serious Christian should feel exactually as you have said. PTL

Your latest follower.

Rejoicing said...

I was looking back @ my old post & saw that you & I connected back in Oct. Just curious what, other than God of course, helped you through the 9 yrs of waiting for your babies??? Would love to chat about that w/ you. We are still waiting as patiently as we can...

K. Frangeskos said...

Hi Matt,
Thanks for your loving words.
I appreciate your kind comments!
Please share with us again soon!
Happy Easter!
Warm regards to you

K. Frangeskos said...

Hi Marty,
So nice to see you and I am glad that you are "feeling good" because of Jesus!

You deserve all good things because you are a great guy!
Happy Easter my friend...

K. Frangeskos said...

Hi covnitkepr1,
Hi new friend.
Thanks for visiting and I am really happy that you enjoyed my post.
Jesus is someone we should all feel good about. HE is great, kind and loving!
I hope you visit again soon and share your thoughts.
All the best to you,

K. Frangeskos said...

Dear Christy,
While I trying to get pregnant, I kept a positive attitude and knew that I would try everything to succeed.

The night before my last operation, to try and help me conceive, I started to doubt God.
There at 1am in my bedroom, HE sent me two white lights (angels) with red rays illuminating from them. After watching them for 30 minutes, I knew "that God had not forgotten about me"...and whatever was HIS will...would be done.

I was at peace after that. Three months later I was pregnant with Triplets. GOD IS REALLY GOOD!
Always hope in God...HE will never forsake you.

Sometimes Motherhood might mean thinking outside of the box...adoption and surrogates.
I will keep you in my prayers.
Please stop by again and share.
Love and Blessings to you,