Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I sit with Our Beloved Lord, so that HE may share HIS love and wisdom with the are HIS WORDS TO YOU. (As dictated by Jesus Christ)

"To All My Friends On Earth,
It is not always easy for me to speak directly to you. There are many things which sometimes get in the way. On this beautiful blog, I have the opportunity to reach out to all of you and I am extremely grateful. Today, I wish you to know one important message...I AM YOUR FRIEND.

Friendship involves many things. Love, trust, confidence and lending a helping hand when needed. These are just some of the ways that I am available to you. I truly am your friend. I wish for us to deepen and develop a better communication between us. That may seem difficult, however it is not, when you allow me into your heart and mind.

All you have to do is think of me. Allow your precious heart and mind to know and understand that I am here too with you and want only the best for my friends. When I walked on earth as a man among others, I too had friends. I loved them. I helped them whenever possible and guided them toward goodness. When they were sick, I would heal them. When they needed hope, I would give them hope. When they needed love, I would shower them with it.

I can still do all these things today and more for you. Just because my days on earth are over, it does not mean my ability or yearning to be with you has changed. It has only grown throughout time. Please COME TO ME FOR ANYTHING. Although you may not see me, I am there beside you. I can hear you and when you open your heart to me, I can intercede in my own loving way, with your consent. Please TRUST ME. I would never do anything to harm you or guide you in a direction that is not good. I SEEK TO HELP YOU AND LEAD YOU ALL TOWARDS A GLORIOUS LIFE AND AN EASIER ONE.

YOU ARE ALL MY FRIENDS AND I PRAY AND HOPE THAT I AM YOURS TOO. I am a good person who always wishes to help others. I sometimes wish, that I could reveal myself to you, in a very human way, however, that is usually not possible for many reasons. But you do not have to see me to know that I am real. I am a gift for you from MY BELOVED FATHER. Please accept HIS GIFT TO YOU. Let us be friends. The Bible talks about my many friends that I had when I was on earth. It does not say, that we cannot be friends today. It may be a little different, however my love is unchanged. I will stand by your side, as I did long ago for the others before you.

Please keep me in your heart. Talk to me anyway you wish. I can hear you and will respond in many ways. Some friendships last forever and this I wish for us. COME TO ME FOR ANYTHING, FOR I HAVE MANY RESOURCES AND WILL GIVE YOU ALL THAT IS GOOD. Life on earth can be challenging, but I am here. God Bless you all my friends.

Jesus Christ"

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ginny said...

very encouraging to me these days.