Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I sit and pray to Our Beloved Lord, so that HE might speak HIS loving words to all of you...
Here they are...God Bless all who read this.
Sincerely, Kathleen Frangeskos

"To My Loving Children and Peers,
I am here for all of you throughout time. As this week marks the anniversary of my death on the cross, I wish you all to know that my life and death was not in vain. It is still for you today.
Suffering takes on many forms and is still present today with so many of my children on earth. I too suffered, so that mankind would have eternal life, in a place so glorious, where there is no suffering, as on earth. My dying on the cross opened up the gates of Heaven for you all to enter, at a time when I call you home. Suffering is temporary, as I have experienced first hand.

Throughout my dying moments, I had the ones closest to me at my side, my Beloved Mother Mary and St. Mary Magdalene. And most importantly, I had my Father, who although I could not see, I felt HIS strength and love. This allowed me to endure the great suffering which I had to overcome for eternal life. My fate was chosen for me. Although I did not like it, I endured it for you and most importantly, because it was MY FATHER'S WILL.

Living as a man on earth and being DIVINE at the same time offered many challenges for me. I experienced some of what you do each day. Ridicule, rejection, harsh treatment from others and judgment. These things all hurt me however, I understood human nature and its complexities. I understood where they stemmed from. Sometimes it was fear and others times it was man's thirst for power and ego. All of these characteristics did not stem from love, but rather insecurity. Being a noble man is not always easy, however it is the correct way to be. Please put aside your pride, ego and harsh words and embrace others. We all need to be loved and that will be the source of your happiness. Give from your heart and not always from your mind. Love one another as I have loved you.

Although my suffering took place many, many years ago, today I still suffer when I see my precious children suffering from abuse, neglect and injustices. Please help to correct this. With your help, we can make a difference.

There is nothing you can not overcome with my help. Regardless of your life conditions now, please pray to me and I will change your circumstances. Nothing is hopeless. If you have sadness in your heart, in time, I will replace it with my joy. My death on the cross allowed me to stay with you forever, in whichever way you need and want me. I am here for all of you. I suffered greatly but I do not regret it for a moment. I died for you, so that we may live together forever in peace.


Yours in Faith and Love Forever,
Jesus Christ"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Being close to Jesus...has it's rewards. Life of course has it's ups and downs...but when Jesus is your friend, life takes on a whole new perspective. You don't take life too seriously in the sense, that others and situations can effect you in a negative way.

You feel loved and protected by Jesus. You know that HE is with you all the time...watching, observing and interacting when you ask or IF HE FEELS IT IS NECESSARY. A friendship with Jesus is very special. It is all encompassing in a good way. You wake each day, knowing of this extremely powerful, loving person by your side. It is a true love and friendship...and nothing can come between you and HIM. I would not allow it, nor would HE.

Even at moments when you feel down, frustrated or seems momentary because of Jesus. YOU KNOW, HE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO TOLERATE ANYTHING, THAT YOU CANNOT HANDLE WITH HIM. So the moments of stress, sadness and frustration are very small and limited. All you have to do is go to HIM WITH YOUR FEELINGS. They may be moments in your heart thinking of HIM or looking at an image of HIM, that you adore. HE is alive and present and you can feel HIS comfort immediately. Just spending time with Jesus, you know that everything will be OK. HE loves you and will heal your sad heart and disappointment that others may cause in your life.

Overall, I can honestly say, that I am happy most of the time because of my relationship with Jesus. HE and I are so close, that nothing can happen to me without his approval. And generally, HE only allows good things to happen to me...and if some hardships fall my way, HE is the one to encourage me to overcome them. HE GIVES ME THE STRENGTH AND LOVE TO STAND STRONG AND BE INDEPENDENT ON EARTH.

I have gone to Jesus with a loving heart, offering HIM my will to choose the best for me. And Jesus has lovingly accepted this. HE guides me in everything, loves me throughout all I do and will ALWAYS BE THERE FOR ME...FOR ETERNITY. This I know for sure!
Jesus will never forsake me...nor will HE forsake you!

Each of us has the opportunity to bond with Jesus and have our own special relationship. I urge all of you to turn to HIM...offer HIM your heart. HE will lovingly accept it and take care of you forever! Start feeling good...because of Jesus!

Monday, March 22, 2010


These beautiful words are being spoken to you from Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
May you feel HIS love when you read them...
Kathleen Frangeskos

"To My Children and Friends,
I speak to you, so that you may know me better and feel my love for each of you. I adore all of you, beyond your comprehension. I live for you. My greatest desire is that all my children and My Father's on earth, know me and love me. I wish to do everything for you, all you have to do, is allow me to. There is nothing out of my reach in the universe. It is quite simple. Heaven and earth are united in many ways, for my loved ones are spread out throughout the universe. I can be in all places at once and therefore remain with you all the time. You only need to invite me in your life, to truly feel my presence.

When your heart and soul becomes open to me, many things can happen. I can help shape your life, so that your wishes and dreams become a reality. I want what you want. I know the yearnings of your heart and soul. What your heart requires is love and your soul yearns to stay connected to me. When you allow yourself to be with me, in a variety of ways, you experience true joy. True joy is what you all seek on earth and I can provide that for you my loving children. Please allow me to.

Receiving my inner peace comes from knowing me very well. It is not a causal thing. It is a unity of heart, mind and soul. When you let me into your heart and mind, I can give you my peace.

My peace is quite special. It is not something you can buy or receive from another. It originates from me, directly to your soul. Your soul fills with my abundant love and security. It overflows with joy and therefore causes you to feel happy. Your disposition changes, your attitude changes and your outlook on life is altered. It is a beautiful experience. I know this because some of you have received my peace and I can see and feel the effect it has on you.

When you receive my peace, your worries will disappear. Your troubles will be diminished. You will smile more and be loving to all. Your goals change and you truly become "Children of God". This is what I wish for all my loving children on earth. It is a transformation that only I can bestow upon you. I wish to give you my peace.

Please open your heart and mind to me. Ask for my help in your daily life. I will guide you in all matters, both big and small. I am happy to. And then, when you learn to TRUST ME, VALUE ME, I will bestow my peace upon you. I will never take it from you. It will remain with you through all your days on earth. I pray that all who read this, seek my love, guidance and peace. I promised to take care of you and I never break a promise. Love me as I have loved you and you will share in my peace. God Bless all my children.

Jesus Christ"

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Live in the moment and enjoy it! An amazing thing happens as you grow closer to Jesus, you start to value, appreciate and enjoy each day more. It doesn't matter what the world throws at you, if you have a great relationship with Jesus, then you will still be smiling!

It boils down to your relationship with HIM. If you have a good one, you know that each day can bring exciting things and joy to your life. You know instinctively that HE is here, watching and participating in all the events, going on inside of you and around you. What may seem like an ordinary not ordinary with Jesus. Anything can happen!

If your feeling down, then one of two things can occur. Jesus will either allow you to feel down...and comfort you or HE will help change your mood, spirit and heart. Whatever is troubling you, HE KNOWS AND CAN ACT TO HELP YOU. When you live each day with Jesus, YOU KNOW THIS...AND IT BRINGS YOU GREAT EXCITEMENT AND JOY! Jesus dislikes it very much when you suffer, so HE is always eager to make your day better. Even during difficult sad days, use that time to reflect on your life and see what God is pointing out for you to learn and discover. It is also an opportunity to grow as a person towards new things and experiences.

With Jesus, the glass is never half empty. It is always full! You cannot see the extra water, but it is there! Let each day be exciting with Jesus! There is no need to be down...and even if your days turns out terrible, guess what, maybe tomorrow will be great! You see, with Jesus, you have hope! HOPE is a great thing! Hope keeps you going each day! That phone can ring, that person can step into your life, that job you will find, that home you will buy, that vacation you will is endless with Jesus!

So even if you feel down today...remember Jesus walks with you each day! Spend time with HIM talking about how you feel. HE will listen and respond. The closer you get to Jesus...the more exciting your life will become! Enjoy each moment of the day...there's nothing too big for Jesus to handle. Smile more, laugh is great with Jesus!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Our journey on earth is not always clear. We do not always know which direction to go in or where to turn. It can be tricky and sometimes scary. But there is no need to be scared...for you are really never alone. There are many loving people and souls on your journey with you. Some you may see, others are invisible to your eye...but they are there to love, help and guide you.

The most important person on that journey with you is God. HE IS ALWAYS PRESENT AND IS BY YOUR SIDE. HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU. This is true. Some people come in and out of our lives, but GOD IS EVER PRESENT. HE likes it that way. HE will watch you and love you each day.

If you wish to feel HIS presence, than please ask HIM. HE will reveal himself to you in many ways and you will not be afraid to move forward in your life. Allow yourself to trust HIM more...and HE will reassure you, every step of the way. He may do this through friends, family and circumstances. GOD may also put direct signs in your life. Look for them. HE will also use that little voice inside of you to communicate...please listen for that inner voice and follow it.

TRUST GOD, then please ASK HIM TO LEAD YOU...AND YOU WILL FOLLOW HIM. ASK GOD TO GO FIRST...FOR HE ALWAYS KNOWS THE BEST WAYS...AND WILL NEVER MAKE A MISTAKE WITH YOUR LIFE. Ask GOD to connect you so close to HIM, that you may never become separated on your journey. This will make you feel better and safe. GOD will do this lovingly and gladly for you. Never believe that you are here alone and have no one to turn to...that is not true.

So many people are going through difficult and heart wrecking decisions now in their lives...go to GOD and ask for help. HE IS TRULY THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS WHAT IS BEST IN YOUR LIFE. TRUST HIM, HAVE FAITH THAT GOD LOVES YOU AND WILL DO EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER TO GUIDE YOU AND BRING YOU HOME TO HEAVEN ONE DAY. God so much wants you to be happy on earth. Let HIM help you.
GOD walks with you, you are never alone. Open your heart, mind and soul to HIM and everything will be OK. He who walks with God, has nothing to fear! Go with God and smile!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


These loving words are being dictated to me through Our Lord Jesus Christ...for you.

"To All My Children On Earth,
Love is all around my children. Everywhere you look, you will find it. It is only how you allow yourselves to see things, that may have to change. Love will over come every emotion on earth, if you allow it to. We are made from love and that is the core of our being.

Love transcends all time and places. It is everywhere. Each one of you contains the love that stems from my heart. It is abundant. When you allow yourself to connect with me, my love will flow through you and make your heart feel at peace. You will experience incredible joy, that only my love can give you.

All things on earth are temporary, except my love for you. It is everlasting. It will never be blotted out from my heart and I pray that your heart, is open to receive my loving goodness. Let me help you love others, as I love you. Love is simple, yet so many, make it complicated. Look for the goodness in each other and in yourself, that is love. Appreciate one another and yourself, that is love. Share your time and lend a helping hand, that is love.

Whoever loves another, loves me. Whoever helps another, helps me. And whoever helps me and becomes devoted to my heart, will hold a special place in my heart and hence in Heaven.
Feel the love I offer you in your heart and mind and then please share it with others. Love is all around, it is just the way you look for it, that may have to change.

Jesus Christ"

Sunday, March 7, 2010


These words are for you...from Our Beloved Lord Jesus.
(As dictated by HIM)

"To My Loving Friends,
Life has many great surprises in store for you. At any time, any moment, great things can happen in your life! New relationships, new opportunities all await you. The timing will always be correct, for what is best for you.

All I wish you to do, is to think positive and have great expectations in your heart. I want you to feel hopeful and positive with me in your life. Many new horizons are on the way. Things on earth are constantly changing and so are you. Throughout various times, events unfold and before you are new and exciting things! Please be patient, for everything has a time and place. But rest assured, I have many plans for your life, which will fill your heart with joy and make you feel complete.

Do not allow yourself to become depressed. What situation you may find yourself in now, is temporary and therefore you should not become discouraged. Have faith in me and trust that I can give you all great things! Please turn to me and believe. I give you my word on this.

I SPEAK THE TRUTH, FOR I AM THE TRUTH AND THE WAY. ALL GOOD THINGS COME FROM GOD. Please remember this. I love you and will surprise you in many ways. Think positive, rejoice of my great love for you and wait and see. All will come to be.
I look forward to making you smile. I love you my precious ones.

Jesus Christ"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I sit with Our Beloved Lord, so that HE may share HIS love and wisdom with the are HIS WORDS TO YOU. (As dictated by Jesus Christ)

"To All My Friends On Earth,
It is not always easy for me to speak directly to you. There are many things which sometimes get in the way. On this beautiful blog, I have the opportunity to reach out to all of you and I am extremely grateful. Today, I wish you to know one important message...I AM YOUR FRIEND.

Friendship involves many things. Love, trust, confidence and lending a helping hand when needed. These are just some of the ways that I am available to you. I truly am your friend. I wish for us to deepen and develop a better communication between us. That may seem difficult, however it is not, when you allow me into your heart and mind.

All you have to do is think of me. Allow your precious heart and mind to know and understand that I am here too with you and want only the best for my friends. When I walked on earth as a man among others, I too had friends. I loved them. I helped them whenever possible and guided them toward goodness. When they were sick, I would heal them. When they needed hope, I would give them hope. When they needed love, I would shower them with it.

I can still do all these things today and more for you. Just because my days on earth are over, it does not mean my ability or yearning to be with you has changed. It has only grown throughout time. Please COME TO ME FOR ANYTHING. Although you may not see me, I am there beside you. I can hear you and when you open your heart to me, I can intercede in my own loving way, with your consent. Please TRUST ME. I would never do anything to harm you or guide you in a direction that is not good. I SEEK TO HELP YOU AND LEAD YOU ALL TOWARDS A GLORIOUS LIFE AND AN EASIER ONE.

YOU ARE ALL MY FRIENDS AND I PRAY AND HOPE THAT I AM YOURS TOO. I am a good person who always wishes to help others. I sometimes wish, that I could reveal myself to you, in a very human way, however, that is usually not possible for many reasons. But you do not have to see me to know that I am real. I am a gift for you from MY BELOVED FATHER. Please accept HIS GIFT TO YOU. Let us be friends. The Bible talks about my many friends that I had when I was on earth. It does not say, that we cannot be friends today. It may be a little different, however my love is unchanged. I will stand by your side, as I did long ago for the others before you.

Please keep me in your heart. Talk to me anyway you wish. I can hear you and will respond in many ways. Some friendships last forever and this I wish for us. COME TO ME FOR ANYTHING, FOR I HAVE MANY RESOURCES AND WILL GIVE YOU ALL THAT IS GOOD. Life on earth can be challenging, but I am here. God Bless you all my friends.

Jesus Christ"

Monday, March 1, 2010


Loving words to dictated from Our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ.

"To My Friends and Family,
There is nothing greater than love, on earth and in Heaven. Love fills the air all around you. It is a feeling of complete happiness and satisfaction. It engulfs you. Love is what your heart and soul are made of and desire.

It pleases me greatly when you allow me to love you.

I do love you beyond words and time. All that has happened in history before you were born, was done out of love for you. I am referring to my birth, life and crucifixion. Can you offer your life for another, if you do not love them? No would be the answer, at least not willingly.

Although, when I died on the cross for you, you were not born yet. But because of Divine Intervention, all was planned by My Loving Father for you. When you were conceived, my love for you grew, as you developed inside your Mother's womb. It has not stopped, nor will it ever.

Love is the greatest gift you can give each other. Love is what living is all about. Loving others prepares you for Heaven. You were created in My Father's image and HE IS ALL LOVING. Can you imagine meeting someone, who's only desire was to love? It may be difficult on earth to find such a person. On earth, there are many things that attempt to block your true nature, which is love. Love each other and be filled with joy when doing it. Love keeps the heart and soul alive and thriving. Without love, there is darkness, sadness and loneliness. The heart and soul feel deprived of it, like you would air on earth, and begin to shrink.

My love for you is endless, boundless and without limits. I wish you to love each other the same or try and imitate me. When someone hurts you, please come to me. I will give you comfort and help you through anything. Please learn to forgive, as I do many times. It is not always easy, but with love in your heart, forgiveness comes easier.

The greatest thing on earth is love and in order to someday enter Heaven, you must learn to love others. Only those with love in their hearts, may enter Heaven. I try my best to love each of you, however sometimes, you may not accept my heart. Please try and accept me in your life. I am here to help you, love you, watch over you, protect you and bring you home.

Love each other in my name and I will Bless you with all good things. Please help me, to help the world. I love you! Thank you my Blessed friends and family!

Yours for eternity,
Jesus Christ"