Thursday, February 4, 2010


HE is here. HE is present...we can not just see HIM, that is why we sometimes forget JESUS is among us. If Jesus could sit with you on your sofa, then you would know HE is here. You would understand many things and not have doubt and fears. But unfortunately for now, Our Beloved Lord cannot reveal HIMSELF to us in a physical way. This is why it is so important for us to have FAITH AND TRUST IN HIM.

Many people are going through hardships right now. Unemployment and financial difficulties are causing many to become sad, hopeless and depressed. But please, give GOD A help you in your life. HE CAN AND HE WILL. Just be as responsible as you can...and turn to GOD. HE will lead you out of this crisis, that so many, are presently in. GOD didn't start this financial mess, greed among corporations and individuals caused this around the world. But Jesus will help.

ASK JESUS FOR ANY HELP YOU NEED. HE IS ABLE AND WILLING TO DO IT. HE sometimes waits for us to turn towards HIM. If you are reading this, then you are already turning towards HIM...and that is good. Ask God for HIS peace and comfort that you will be alright. GOD CAN DO ANYTHING, IF WE ALLOW HIM TO. Please allow HIM to love you and help you through anything. HE IS HERE FOR ALL OF US!


Janie said...

I do believe God is our help in our time of need. Right now I'm feeling a little anxious. My mother who is 79 and lives in the Atlanta area, was admitted to the hospital a few nights ago. They've been running tests. I'm not quite sure of any prognosis at the moment, but the latest update from my sister was that the Dr. had discovered some type of mass in her shoulder. My sister sounded very upset and my Mother didn't feel like talking with me. So, it was very good timing I read this beautiful reassuring message from God. Thanks so much. Janie

Anonymous said...

He is here, hallelujah.
He is here, amen.
He is here, holy holy.
I will say His name again.

He is here, hear the whisper
He is calling out your name.
He is here, let Him touch you,
You will never be the same.

Nice post!

Margo said...

A lovely reminder. Thank you for sharing.