Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Sometimes as we go through our daily lives...we might ask ourselves, where is God? When is HE going to ACT? What is HE waiting for? Let me reassure you, that GOD IS ALWAYS ACTING IN OUR LIVES...we just might not see it yet or feel it. BUT IT IS HAPPENING.

GOD HAS GREAT PLANS FOR YOUR LIFE...AND HE IS HELPING YOU ACHIEVE THEM. HE sees all and knows what is going on. Unlike us, GOD can be everywhere at once. HE is never far from you...in fact, HE stands beside you all the time, like a loving, powerful friend. But God is more than that, HE IS YOUR FAMILY...

Sometimes it might seem like HE is doing nothing...but that is impossible with GOD. In our reality, GOD MIGHT WORK SLOWLY...but remember, it is our perspective and GOD'S timing is always for the best. Sometimes things may happen very quickly and go well...that also is GOD at work. When you are depleted of your energy and spirit, rest assured that GOD will come sweeping in and change things in your life. HE will never allow you to go too long, without HIS rescue. All we need to do is remember this. GOD IS PRESENT AND IN HIS GREAT TIMING...ALL THINGS WILL WORK OUT, FOR THE BEST. HAVE TRUST AND FAITH IN GOD. No matter how bad you are feeling, God's help is already on the way. Patiently look forward to it...and it will come.

As I sit here in prayer with Our Lord, I wish for JESUS to explain ...this loving message.
"To My Devoted Children,
Kathleen explained it well. I am always here for all of you. Whatever trials or tribulations you may be going through, please remember, I AM HERE AND WORKING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE BEAUTIFUL. I can not always act immediately, as so many of you would like and I have many reasons for this. There is a time and place for everything. But please know, none of my Beloved Children are out of my loving sight and I am working in each of your lives, to make it the best and most fore filling.

When you feel down, please turn to me. I am here and are happy to listen. I never tire of my faithful children, family and friends. You are all of those to me. Please have patience in your life. Some things unfold quickly and other things need time. If you turn to me and request my love and guidance, believe it or not, I can act more quickly to do great things in your life. It is your choice. This is part of FREE WILL. Do not feel pressure to turn to me. However, I love you so much and want to help you in everything. Please give me a chance to love you more and offer my guidance in your life. Just as a loving parent or friend wants the best for you, so do I.
I have devoted my entire life to love you and I will never stop.

Someday, you will all meet me. And I hope on that day, you can thank me, for many Blessings that I have bestowed upon you. The end of your life on earth is not the end, it is really a continuation. Please allow me to love you. I will. Please wait for me, to continue my work in your life and never give up hope that I love you and care, because that is the furthest from the truth".

Jesus Christ


Janie said...

What reassuring words from our Father. Thanks Kathleen for being an open vessel for His purpose in your life. Janie

Margo said...

It's lovely to see someone so sure in their path in life. All the best to you.