Sunday, February 7, 2010


A Loving Message from Our Beloved Lord,

"My Beloved Children,
What is sometimes out of your reach, is always within my reach. Nothing is beyond what My Father and I can do, in each of your loving lives. Miracles happen each day. They may be small, large or appear to be insignificant, but they happen.

My Father and I wish you all to know, that nothing is impossible, when you desire something that is good. All things are possible in your life. It is quite simple. You have the power within yourself to choose what you wish for. We have the power to ensure that it happens, providing that it is good, for each of you.

I wish great things for all my children on earth. No wars, no fighting amongst each other, just love and kindness. You each have an opportunity to contribute to that and then within yourselves, you will find inner joy and happiness. I know so many of my poor children on earth are suffering during this difficult time, but please be assured, that together with my loving support, we can overcome any difficulties in your life.

I have seen many things in my time, both on earth and in Heaven. It is possible to experience a little Heaven on earth. I wish you to experience a little Heaven now in your lives, before you come home to me. May I please give you a little advice? If one thing is not going well in your life after many attempts, be at peace with it that you tried. Perhaps I have a better plan for you and you should trust me, that I have my hand in your life on earth. Always try, however if there is much resistance, let it go. I will certainly replace it with something better.

Have more FAITH IN ME. I know at times it may be difficult for some of you and I do not fault you. But believe me when I say, that I want the best for all of you today. Please do not have regrets, if you tried and it appeared to fail, then let it go. There will be something new on the horizon shortly.

Have HOPE IN ME. I will never let you down. If you ask me for my help in anything, I will help you. I want to help you. It is no trouble. In fact, I love to HELP MY CHILDREN IN EVERYTHING...EVERY DECISION AND GOAL THAT YOU HAVE. I wish you to succeed and feel successful. AND MIRACLES ARE NOT MADE UP BY FAIRY TALES, THEY DO EXIST. A miracle simply is something so extraordinary, that if you stop to look and analyze, it could only have come from me and My Father. That is what I wish you to learn and recognize. Miracles are wishes that my children have, that I ensure happen. I grant many Miracles each day. Today may be one for you.

Please ask me for you miracle today. I can arrange anything for you. I feel honored when you turn and ask for my help. Please do. I think the world could use some extra miracles right about now. I am here always for you. I love you beyond your comprehension. Ask and you shall receive. Miracles are something that I can do very easily. I hope you confide in me and allow me to help you. I will.

Forever yours,


Anonymous said...

Very nicely written! I truly do enjoy each of your posts.

Send me a shout-out on FB if you are open to hearing a few thoughts I have about your blog, and how to gain more publicity and move it to the next level.

See you around!

Andrea said...

Praying for many miracles, this day.

Janie said...

Needed to hear these words from our Lord today. Very encouraging-i am even praying and visualizing the specific area/persons right now. Thanks. Jane

Jim Fargiano said...

Thank you, Kathleen. Your post came on a day when I started to have my own doubts, which is kind of silly considering how much I hear from the other side. Still, there are times when I need to be politely reminded of the goodness that God, Jesus and all the Ascended Masters have waiting for us. Thank you for doing that.

Violeta said...

I`m so happy that i found another amazing woman in my life with the same worship for LORD !
I liked so much you blog !
blessings !!

ginny said...

I believe in miracles...I believe in prayer

anu said...

Thanks for the direct msg from God, I immedietly started praying for this days miracle for my sons and a friend of mine.


Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I need a miracle

Anonymous said...

He is a miracle worker!

Anonymous said...

Jesus Does Miracles So Great There Is No One Like Jesus!