Sunday, February 21, 2010


Busy days, busy lives...always running, trying to keep up...
Making phone calls, keeping appointments...trying not to mess up
Jobs, Families, Friends...when do you really stop?

If your on the go, like so many...
then run with God each day.
HE can go anywhere you are...
in the car, in your home, at your job.
If you can't slow down, don't worry...
God can keep up with you,
just remember one thing,
to include HIM in your day.

Why, you might say?
"I'm so busy, I don't have time to think of God or time to pray".
And that's OK...God will wait for you, to come to HIM.
But we live in a world of multitask...
We all do why not include God
and run with HIM.

Create your own special relationship with God
think of HIM like your friend,
call HIM once a day to check in and see "what's up"?

Ask HIM for advice and help with anything...
Ask HIM to watch your back...
Ask HIM for whatever you need...
you don't need to borrow it, HE will just give it to you.

The busier you are, the more you need God.
Make a good habit or routine of speaking with HIM each day.
HE is a friend who will always steer you in the right direction.
And in time, you will learn to HEAR HIS VOICE.
HE will speak to you in many ways...
through others and situations,
and in your heart and mind.

Let God help you each day...
your day will be brighter and
nothing can happen to you without HIS consent.
HE will shower you with Love, Smiles and a Confidence,
that everything will somehow be OK!
If your a busy person, then RUN WITH GOD EACH DAY
and if you have some down time, then spend some relaxing with GOD.

As you develop your relationship with God...
it will be impossible for a day to go by...without HIM.
Have a daily dialogue with HIM!
God is loving and amazing!
Give it a have everything to gain!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today, I sit and pray with Our Beloved Lord and ask HIM to give us a message. I so much wish the world to hear HIS voice. Here are HIS Loving Words...

"To My Faithful and Devoted Children,
Yesterday marks the Holy Season of Lent. This season chronicles my last 40 days on earth and shows the world my true love and devotion to each of you. On my final day, I willingly accepted my fate, to die on the cross for my children, friends and family. It is something that I would willingly repeat again today, for each of you. I have suffered too, just like each of you, are suffering today.

Suffering can be a horrible thing. There are many ways that we suffer. The obvious is physical pain. This pain can change our mood and spirits and make us bitter, depressed and sad. TURN TO ME WHEN YOU ARE SUFFERING. I WILL EASE YOUR PAIN.

The emotional pain in our hearts and mind are also a form of suffering. Many people do not have a physical aliment, however, they suffer greatly in this way. Emotional pain hurts, sometimes as much as a physical pain, but with emotional pain, if you choose to let go of it, I can take it from your heart and mind and put it to rest. YOU ON EARTH, CANNOT CONTROL EVERYTHING. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO. IT WILL NEVER WORK AND YOU WILL ONLY FRUSTRATE AND HURT YOURSELF. PLEASE COME TO ME WITH YOUR BROKEN HEART AND SPIRIT AND I WILL FILL IT WITH MY LOVE.

With time, some of your suffering will be eased. Some of it, you control. Please release it to me.

There are also many victims of physical, emotional and psychological abuse. This unnerves me the most. To abuse another on earth, because YOU THINK YOU CAN, IS SO WRONG. I AM WATCHING AND REMEMBER, HOW YOU TREAT OTHERS, SO YOU WILL BE TREATED.

All my children could suffer a little less on earth, if each one of you, were a little more giving, thoughtful and kind. Do not always think of yourself first, but rather your neighbor and see how you can help them. Sometimes, so little, makes a great difference.



Jesus Christ

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We can do anything in our lifetime, only with God. We can find great happiness, build families and achieve our hearts desires...the world is our workplace. Some people prefer to work alone, others a partner and some even a group setting...however, whatever is your preference, there is one person, you should always include, THAT PERSON IS GOD.

It may be a new job, career, romance, friendship or relocating to a new home...if God allows it to happen, then it is ultimately good for us.

Do not be afraid of life's changes. As we grow as individuals, we are constantly changing. What we liked early in our life, we may dislike now. Our taste can change and this will lead to new exciting experiences to occur. THE ONLY THING YOU NEED TO REMEMBER IS TO CHANGE WITH GOD. Allow HIM to lead, guide and love you throughout all times and things. GOD IS CONSTANT AND NEVER CHANGES. HE loves us today and will continue to love us tomorrow. Even if we make mistakes, God will forgive us. Just remember to forgive yourself! Do not walk around with sadness and regret in your heart. Learn from your experiences with others and situations and move forward.

Live today knowing that God is here to love you, protect you and offer you the world!
Create your dreams with God, consult HIM and then watch as you achieve them. Don't think negative...think positive! GOD IS FILLED WITH ALL GOOD THINGS...AND YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE IMPORTANT THINGS! God has great opportunities for you...ask HIM to show you the way! HE WILL !

Friday, February 12, 2010


Wherever I go, JESUS GOES TOO. Today, I sit, pray and write at the home of my first friend in life. We met when we were little girls...and have remained best friends, like sisters, since we saw each other in 1st grade. I ASK OUR BELOVED LORD TO SHARE WITH US HIS LOVING WORDS...They are as follows...

"To My Sweet Girls,
I love you both very, very much. You both are my sweet, little angels. The love inside your hearts for each other, makes me feel proud and joyous. Throughout your life, you have remained together and that is what I have wished.

You were both sweet, innocent and young when you met and instantly a strong, loving bond was formed. It was destiny. YOU two are as close as any loving biological sisters on earth, perhaps even closer than some. There is a reason that I ARRANGE FOR SOME LOVING CHILDREN TO MEET ON EARTH.

Life at times can be difficult, stressful and traveling alone through life is not always fun. But when you come across someone very, very special that you feel yourself being drawn to, accept their friendship and allow it to flourish. These special friendships will endure a lifetime. Even HEAVEN DOES NOT SEPARATE FRIENDSHIPS, BUT EMBRACES THEM, FOR THEY ARE FILLED WITH LOVE.

Treat each other with respect, consideration and kindness. Do not take each other for granted, just as you should not take your spouse for granted too. Love each other, be supportive of each other, laugh together and be a good influence for the other. Throughout various times of your life, one friend may need the other, please be there for them. OFFER YOURSELF TO EACH OTHER...AS I ALWAYS DO FOR ALL OF YOU.
Friends are incredible gifts, treasure them with all your heart. When one is down, please help lift them up. BE A GIVER. Giving people have the most friends, true friends because they help others from the heart.

If you are lonely and wish for a friend, please ask me and I will send one to you. Friends are a gift from God. Treasure yours!

Jesus Christ"

Dedicated to Gladys Judith Araujo...I love you forever!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


A Loving Message from Our Beloved Lord,

"My Beloved Children,
What is sometimes out of your reach, is always within my reach. Nothing is beyond what My Father and I can do, in each of your loving lives. Miracles happen each day. They may be small, large or appear to be insignificant, but they happen.

My Father and I wish you all to know, that nothing is impossible, when you desire something that is good. All things are possible in your life. It is quite simple. You have the power within yourself to choose what you wish for. We have the power to ensure that it happens, providing that it is good, for each of you.

I wish great things for all my children on earth. No wars, no fighting amongst each other, just love and kindness. You each have an opportunity to contribute to that and then within yourselves, you will find inner joy and happiness. I know so many of my poor children on earth are suffering during this difficult time, but please be assured, that together with my loving support, we can overcome any difficulties in your life.

I have seen many things in my time, both on earth and in Heaven. It is possible to experience a little Heaven on earth. I wish you to experience a little Heaven now in your lives, before you come home to me. May I please give you a little advice? If one thing is not going well in your life after many attempts, be at peace with it that you tried. Perhaps I have a better plan for you and you should trust me, that I have my hand in your life on earth. Always try, however if there is much resistance, let it go. I will certainly replace it with something better.

Have more FAITH IN ME. I know at times it may be difficult for some of you and I do not fault you. But believe me when I say, that I want the best for all of you today. Please do not have regrets, if you tried and it appeared to fail, then let it go. There will be something new on the horizon shortly.

Have HOPE IN ME. I will never let you down. If you ask me for my help in anything, I will help you. I want to help you. It is no trouble. In fact, I love to HELP MY CHILDREN IN EVERYTHING...EVERY DECISION AND GOAL THAT YOU HAVE. I wish you to succeed and feel successful. AND MIRACLES ARE NOT MADE UP BY FAIRY TALES, THEY DO EXIST. A miracle simply is something so extraordinary, that if you stop to look and analyze, it could only have come from me and My Father. That is what I wish you to learn and recognize. Miracles are wishes that my children have, that I ensure happen. I grant many Miracles each day. Today may be one for you.

Please ask me for you miracle today. I can arrange anything for you. I feel honored when you turn and ask for my help. Please do. I think the world could use some extra miracles right about now. I am here always for you. I love you beyond your comprehension. Ask and you shall receive. Miracles are something that I can do very easily. I hope you confide in me and allow me to help you. I will.

Forever yours,

Thursday, February 4, 2010


HE is here. HE is present...we can not just see HIM, that is why we sometimes forget JESUS is among us. If Jesus could sit with you on your sofa, then you would know HE is here. You would understand many things and not have doubt and fears. But unfortunately for now, Our Beloved Lord cannot reveal HIMSELF to us in a physical way. This is why it is so important for us to have FAITH AND TRUST IN HIM.

Many people are going through hardships right now. Unemployment and financial difficulties are causing many to become sad, hopeless and depressed. But please, give GOD A help you in your life. HE CAN AND HE WILL. Just be as responsible as you can...and turn to GOD. HE will lead you out of this crisis, that so many, are presently in. GOD didn't start this financial mess, greed among corporations and individuals caused this around the world. But Jesus will help.

ASK JESUS FOR ANY HELP YOU NEED. HE IS ABLE AND WILLING TO DO IT. HE sometimes waits for us to turn towards HIM. If you are reading this, then you are already turning towards HIM...and that is good. Ask God for HIS peace and comfort that you will be alright. GOD CAN DO ANYTHING, IF WE ALLOW HIM TO. Please allow HIM to love you and help you through anything. HE IS HERE FOR ALL OF US!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Sometimes as we go through our daily lives...we might ask ourselves, where is God? When is HE going to ACT? What is HE waiting for? Let me reassure you, that GOD IS ALWAYS ACTING IN OUR LIVES...we just might not see it yet or feel it. BUT IT IS HAPPENING.

GOD HAS GREAT PLANS FOR YOUR LIFE...AND HE IS HELPING YOU ACHIEVE THEM. HE sees all and knows what is going on. Unlike us, GOD can be everywhere at once. HE is never far from fact, HE stands beside you all the time, like a loving, powerful friend. But God is more than that, HE IS YOUR FAMILY...

Sometimes it might seem like HE is doing nothing...but that is impossible with GOD. In our reality, GOD MIGHT WORK SLOWLY...but remember, it is our perspective and GOD'S timing is always for the best. Sometimes things may happen very quickly and go well...that also is GOD at work. When you are depleted of your energy and spirit, rest assured that GOD will come sweeping in and change things in your life. HE will never allow you to go too long, without HIS rescue. All we need to do is remember this. GOD IS PRESENT AND IN HIS GREAT TIMING...ALL THINGS WILL WORK OUT, FOR THE BEST. HAVE TRUST AND FAITH IN GOD. No matter how bad you are feeling, God's help is already on the way. Patiently look forward to it...and it will come.

As I sit here in prayer with Our Lord, I wish for JESUS to explain ...this loving message.
"To My Devoted Children,
Kathleen explained it well. I am always here for all of you. Whatever trials or tribulations you may be going through, please remember, I AM HERE AND WORKING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE BEAUTIFUL. I can not always act immediately, as so many of you would like and I have many reasons for this. There is a time and place for everything. But please know, none of my Beloved Children are out of my loving sight and I am working in each of your lives, to make it the best and most fore filling.

When you feel down, please turn to me. I am here and are happy to listen. I never tire of my faithful children, family and friends. You are all of those to me. Please have patience in your life. Some things unfold quickly and other things need time. If you turn to me and request my love and guidance, believe it or not, I can act more quickly to do great things in your life. It is your choice. This is part of FREE WILL. Do not feel pressure to turn to me. However, I love you so much and want to help you in everything. Please give me a chance to love you more and offer my guidance in your life. Just as a loving parent or friend wants the best for you, so do I.
I have devoted my entire life to love you and I will never stop.

Someday, you will all meet me. And I hope on that day, you can thank me, for many Blessings that I have bestowed upon you. The end of your life on earth is not the end, it is really a continuation. Please allow me to love you. I will. Please wait for me, to continue my work in your life and never give up hope that I love you and care, because that is the furthest from the truth".

Jesus Christ