Thursday, January 14, 2010


As I sit here, my heart filled with sadness and grief for the beautiful Haitian people, My Beloved Lord knows that I wish HIM to address this horrific situation. I believe these are HIS LOVING WORDS...

"To My Loving Children Around The World,

I am so sorry for the events that have unfolded in Haiti. The loss of life and suffering on earth has been enormous. All those that have perished in this natural disaster have become Martyrs in Heaven for Haiti. Their precious lives have not been in vain. All who have lost their life on earth, are now with me in Heaven. My loving arms were there to comfort all those that passed.

This poor country, the poorest of the poor, are where my loving people reside. For centuries they have suffered greatly, without the glare of the world. Now because of this tragedy, the world finally has their eyes on Haiti and it's people. My heart breaks for those that are suffering, hungry and in desperate need of medical help. My peace is with them. However, I do hope the world now responds quickly, to help these innocent children of mine. What some have been gifted to have on earth, others will have far more in Heaven.

I could not stop this from happening, just as I could not prevent my own death on earth. It was destiny. Some things happen, such as this event, without my Blessing. Now as the world watches, my prayer is that help successfully reaches the people of Haiti and healing begins. President Obama has pledged his support and I trust he will do everything in his power to assist during these grave days and months ahead. Other World Leaders have pledged their help and I am very grateful. When you reach out to help others, you in return, are helping yourself. The helpless of the world, need the most help.

To help those in need, give what you can. It may be money, clothes, food or just your time, to comfort those that need love. Be there for each other and recognize that you are all children of God, wherever you may live, I too am there.

Comfort is not always found on earth, but in Heaven, it is abundant. I will continue to help all those suffering in Haiti and in other parts of the world. I see all and I will respond with help. Be assured of this.

May this horrible tragedy open the eyes of the world and help my people in Haiti. Sometimes a tragedy can lead to new directions, growth and opportunities. I WILL BLESS ALL THOSE THAT ASSIST IN THIS RECOVERY AND HEALING PROCESS.

Thank you for listening. May the souls of your dearly departed rest with me forever in Heaven. Amen".

Jesus Christ


Anthony Cole said...

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Anonymous said...

Praying for them. Wish there was more I could do to help.

Jim Fargiano said...

Kathleen, I love that you and I seem to get the core of the message the same, but in vastly different words. It is the power of Spirit that comes through in a variety of ways, thereby reaching more minds to accept the gift of life that God and Jesus represent.

Thank you for sharing what you receive with us.

Raina said...

Thank you my dear friend. Reading Jesus's encouraging words helps sooth my soul that has been aching since the tragic quake in Haiti. My country is wounded but our people are courageous and full of the hope to emerge from this disaster focused and strong.