Sunday, January 31, 2010


Over the years, Jesus has written many letters to me. When I sit in prayer (talking) with HIM, sometimes we just have a discussion and other times I write down HIS precious words. Here is an excerpt from a letter HE wrote dated 1/4/07. It is beautiful and HIS words hope to inspire you that you might reach out to HIM.

"Dear My Beloved Kathleen,
I am always waiting to respond to you in any way. I am so proud of the way you always want to please me. I feel so appreciated and loved by you. You are a loving daughter.

I know you want to begin writing in a more serious way and we will. Everything you write and we discuss is important. You are learning what to value in life, how to prioritize things and what are the important messages that I would like you to spread.

As my Dear Blessed Mother said to you last year, "Jesus is your friend". That is the simple message. I would like my children on earth to understand just how much I love them. All the things you write about, will bring them closer to me. I am your teacher my Beloved and you in return, will be their teacher. Everyone will have many questions and you will turn to me for the answers. As you know my Beloved, I will only reveal that which is good for them to know. If something or an event is better left unsaid, I will not tell my child. However, as my child continues to turn to me, trust in me and form a deeper loving relationship, just as I have with you my child, I will in return, confide more to them. It is a two way street. I have always been here for my children for thousands of years. I so much want my children to have the opportunity to hear my voice and start, form a deep loving friendship. Why must I wait till they are old, sick or scared before they turn to me? I am tired of waiting my sweet child. You first really reached out to me when your Beloved Mother died. I had been sending you great signs of my love for years, but when you felt most vulnerable, you turned to me and from your heart wanted to find your Mother in Heaven. You had love my child and faith. You love your Mother endlessly and were trying to use all of your intelligence to find her and you had great faith. You knew that if I existed, I would have mercy on you and I did.

I gave you back your Beloved Mother my child. You were and are Blessed with hearing her sweet voice. You know instinctively when she is around you and you are extremely spiritually aware. This was one of my great gifts to you my Beloved. You needed your Mother so much and I knew this privilege would bring you closer to my heart.

My Beloved Almighty Father has left you in my hands, as HE told you on Father's Day, 2000. That is, when you might have lost your Father John on earth, but your pleads and prayers from you and your sister, gave him more time to be with you both.

As you know, my children think that everything is predestined on earth, but I have showed you that is not always true. I give my loving children many opportunities to grow as a loving and unselfish person. Sometimes my children learn lessons and other times, they do not. I wish all my children to have a loving relationship with me. There is nothing I would not do for any of my children on earth. (By children, I also mean my Adult children too).

May these letters help instill more faith in my children and curiosity. If they are curious, this will help them to seek me. I am right in front of them, inside of them and beside them. All I ask and hope is that they call me.

Please call me my children. Call me by any name you feel comfortable with. I will hear you and can hear you. I will answer you in many ways. If you wish to hear my voice, then you will. If you wish to feel my presence, then you will. All that you wish, you will have and experience. My Beloved Father created me for you, my loving children. I am always here for you. I love you all.

Jesus Christ"


ginny said...

Kathleen in your last post I asked you a question. If you could please share with me how everything unfolded for you. You can privately email me if you would like to.
I truly like your messages, but I am in a place of doubt right now and want to hear your testimonly.

Janie said...

What a comforting message from God! So full of peace, assurance and love. I am blessed to have read His reads He spoke through you. Thank you so much. Thank God. Jane

Anonymous said...

You have a aweomse blog keep up the good work and spread the word of Jesus:)