Friday, January 22, 2010


Today my blog, Jesus Knows You Best, turns one year old. My wish is that all who visit here, find a part of Jesus to connect to. JESUS is the most amazing person to know in real life. HE is this incredible friend, who continually teaches me things about himself and life on earth. HE shares with me HIS wisdom about the human experience, HIS undying love for the world and the people in it and shares with me really...all that I wish to know.

Eleven years ago, after my Mother passed away, Jean Hazelton, I began to seek her in Heaven. In that journey, Jesus revealed himself to me in many glorious ways. HE bestowed upon me many spiritual gifts, which I asked for. In time, I was BLESSED to know where my Mother was...and she was in Heaven. Jesus with HIS great mercy, even allowed me to hear her sweet voice from above. This was a grace I received and still have today.

Jesus sometimes asks certain people to be one of HIS messengers. I am one of those people. Jesus asked me eleven years ago, 'TO INSPIRE PEOPLE TO TURN TO ME". I have been doing that in many ways. The love I receive from Jesus, closeness and Blessings are so great, it is difficult to use words to describe. All I do know, is Jesus very well and HE is a beautiful person. HE has exposed and shared himself with me. I feel privileged to share my experiences with the world. This is what Jesus wants.

If by visiting this blog, you can become closer to Jesus or your curiosity is awakened, then I am doing a good job. Jesus wishes you all to know that "HE IS YOUR FRIEND". You can count on HIM for anything and everything you need. Knowing Jesus personally will change your life. The joy, love, peace and confidence you receive is without boundaries. Knowing Jesus, will make you an even better person, than you are now.

If you like this blog, please share it with one another...your family, friends and even strangers. We never know what unrest, is in some one's heart...please give them an opportunity to know Jesus better. Jesus and I both thank you. Spread God's love with the world...many people need it. Finally, thank you all who visit regularly. Your loving support and comments, make me feel appreciated.

Kathleen Frangeskos


ginny said...

My mother died eleven years ago also. I never sought her in Heaven. I just hoped that she was there. How did Jesus let you hear your mother's voice? How did you KNOW that she was in Heaven?
It is getting closer to the anniv. of her death and her birthday. This is a very difficult window of time for me. How did Jesus comfort you? I am still in that place of doubt. Please pray for me Kathleen.

Rich said...

Dear Kathleen,
Congratulations on your one year anniversary of JESUS KNOWS YOU BEST. You are very inspiring and give me a lot to think about. Keep up the great work.

nothingprofound said...

Congratulations on reaching your first anniversary!

Michael Lantz said...

I would like to wish you a happy 1 year anniversary,I hope that you can make it to your second anniversary,third,forth and etc.

Jennifer LaGuardia said...

Great blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Jim Fargiano said...

Kathleen, you are doing a wonderful job in reaching people. As you know, I have been very connected to the other side and do the best I can to relay the messages from them. I think one of the things that hopefully comes through in my book, The Spoken Words of Spirit, is that Jesus and all of the Ascended Masters come across as a "friend." That's the word that kept jumping out at me when I was reading your message just now.

Just keep it simple and people will follow your lead. I'm grateful to have found your blog because it validates and encourages me to keep on the path that was supplied to me.