Sunday, January 31, 2010


Over the years, Jesus has written many letters to me. When I sit in prayer (talking) with HIM, sometimes we just have a discussion and other times I write down HIS precious words. Here is an excerpt from a letter HE wrote dated 1/4/07. It is beautiful and HIS words hope to inspire you that you might reach out to HIM.

"Dear My Beloved Kathleen,
I am always waiting to respond to you in any way. I am so proud of the way you always want to please me. I feel so appreciated and loved by you. You are a loving daughter.

I know you want to begin writing in a more serious way and we will. Everything you write and we discuss is important. You are learning what to value in life, how to prioritize things and what are the important messages that I would like you to spread.

As my Dear Blessed Mother said to you last year, "Jesus is your friend". That is the simple message. I would like my children on earth to understand just how much I love them. All the things you write about, will bring them closer to me. I am your teacher my Beloved and you in return, will be their teacher. Everyone will have many questions and you will turn to me for the answers. As you know my Beloved, I will only reveal that which is good for them to know. If something or an event is better left unsaid, I will not tell my child. However, as my child continues to turn to me, trust in me and form a deeper loving relationship, just as I have with you my child, I will in return, confide more to them. It is a two way street. I have always been here for my children for thousands of years. I so much want my children to have the opportunity to hear my voice and start, form a deep loving friendship. Why must I wait till they are old, sick or scared before they turn to me? I am tired of waiting my sweet child. You first really reached out to me when your Beloved Mother died. I had been sending you great signs of my love for years, but when you felt most vulnerable, you turned to me and from your heart wanted to find your Mother in Heaven. You had love my child and faith. You love your Mother endlessly and were trying to use all of your intelligence to find her and you had great faith. You knew that if I existed, I would have mercy on you and I did.

I gave you back your Beloved Mother my child. You were and are Blessed with hearing her sweet voice. You know instinctively when she is around you and you are extremely spiritually aware. This was one of my great gifts to you my Beloved. You needed your Mother so much and I knew this privilege would bring you closer to my heart.

My Beloved Almighty Father has left you in my hands, as HE told you on Father's Day, 2000. That is, when you might have lost your Father John on earth, but your pleads and prayers from you and your sister, gave him more time to be with you both.

As you know, my children think that everything is predestined on earth, but I have showed you that is not always true. I give my loving children many opportunities to grow as a loving and unselfish person. Sometimes my children learn lessons and other times, they do not. I wish all my children to have a loving relationship with me. There is nothing I would not do for any of my children on earth. (By children, I also mean my Adult children too).

May these letters help instill more faith in my children and curiosity. If they are curious, this will help them to seek me. I am right in front of them, inside of them and beside them. All I ask and hope is that they call me.

Please call me my children. Call me by any name you feel comfortable with. I will hear you and can hear you. I will answer you in many ways. If you wish to hear my voice, then you will. If you wish to feel my presence, then you will. All that you wish, you will have and experience. My Beloved Father created me for you, my loving children. I am always here for you. I love you all.

Jesus Christ"

Friday, January 22, 2010


Today my blog, Jesus Knows You Best, turns one year old. My wish is that all who visit here, find a part of Jesus to connect to. JESUS is the most amazing person to know in real life. HE is this incredible friend, who continually teaches me things about himself and life on earth. HE shares with me HIS wisdom about the human experience, HIS undying love for the world and the people in it and shares with me really...all that I wish to know.

Eleven years ago, after my Mother passed away, Jean Hazelton, I began to seek her in Heaven. In that journey, Jesus revealed himself to me in many glorious ways. HE bestowed upon me many spiritual gifts, which I asked for. In time, I was BLESSED to know where my Mother was...and she was in Heaven. Jesus with HIS great mercy, even allowed me to hear her sweet voice from above. This was a grace I received and still have today.

Jesus sometimes asks certain people to be one of HIS messengers. I am one of those people. Jesus asked me eleven years ago, 'TO INSPIRE PEOPLE TO TURN TO ME". I have been doing that in many ways. The love I receive from Jesus, closeness and Blessings are so great, it is difficult to use words to describe. All I do know, is Jesus very well and HE is a beautiful person. HE has exposed and shared himself with me. I feel privileged to share my experiences with the world. This is what Jesus wants.

If by visiting this blog, you can become closer to Jesus or your curiosity is awakened, then I am doing a good job. Jesus wishes you all to know that "HE IS YOUR FRIEND". You can count on HIM for anything and everything you need. Knowing Jesus personally will change your life. The joy, love, peace and confidence you receive is without boundaries. Knowing Jesus, will make you an even better person, than you are now.

If you like this blog, please share it with one another...your family, friends and even strangers. We never know what unrest, is in some one's heart...please give them an opportunity to know Jesus better. Jesus and I both thank you. Spread God's love with the world...many people need it. Finally, thank you all who visit regularly. Your loving support and comments, make me feel appreciated.

Kathleen Frangeskos

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Dream big, shoot for the's your life, why not try and do it all? It is not very difficult. All you need are several things, for your dreams to come true.

Get the right are gifted, smart and have endless possibilities!
Be takes YOU to want to achieve great things.
Be fearless...there is nothing to be afraid of.
Work from the "inside out"...grow your beauty first from within...then let it shine for the world!
Make a big or small as you like.
Set aside time and hard work...two vital ingredients to any success!
Do not be afraid of failure...we can only try in life, not fail.
Plan for success...and how you will help others less fortunate. By giving, we receive...

LET GOD HELP YOU! You see, with all successes...God is behind it!
You may not have noticed before, but HE is there and has great plans for you too!

Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in all your decision making processes...
Strive to be the best you can be...
Set any goals you wish...
Go for it...WITH GOD'S HELP!
Anything you do with GOD IS A BLESSED ADVENTURE...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


There is good and evil in the world. All good things come from God and hence are represented by God. Conversely, bad things are sometimes caused by evil. Evil spirits do roam the earth, looking for people who have little faith and are not close to God. These people put themselves in danger to be influenced by the evil one.

THOSE THAT ARE CLOSE TO GOD...THE EVIL ONE HAS NO POWER OR HOLD OVER THEM. GOD SURROUNDS HIS DEVOTED CHILDREN WITH HIS LOVING ANGELS AND SAINTS TO PROTECT US. GOD HIMSELF IS ALWAYS PRESENT AND WATCHES US CLOSELY. I tell you all this because in today's world, with so many distractions, we can sometimes forget to remain close to God. That is when we open ourselves up to be deceived, hurt and led down the wrong path. THOSE THAT REMAIN COMMITTED TO GOD, CAN NOT SUFFER AT THE HANDS OF THE EVIL ONE.

For all ages, there has been a struggle against evil on earth. Evil spirits will disguise themselves among the good. This may cause you to have insecurities, doubts and negative thoughts about yourselves and others. There is no need to worry. GOD THE FATHER, JESUS CHRIST, THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THE BLESSED MOTHER ARE OUR LOVING REMEDIES AGAINST ALL EVIL.

THE NAME OF JESUS, IS THE MOST POWERFUL IN THE WORLD. Say HIS name in your mind, heart and soul whenever you feel afraid and HE WILL COME RUNNING TO YOUR RESCUE. We all find ourselves in situations that may become not worry. CALL ON JESUS TO HELP YOU IN EVERYTHING.


Saturday, January 16, 2010


As I sit in prayer for many hours, these are the following loving words I hear from Our Beloved Lord Jesus...

"To My Loving Parents On Earth",
You have all been GIFTED. Your GIFT IS YOUR CHILD OR CHILDREN YOU HAVE RECEIVED, WITH MY FATHER'S BLESSING. Not all on earth will have a child and there are many reasons for this. But for the ones who have received this great gift from up above, please treasure your children.

They truly are a GIFT FROM GOD, truly a gift from my Father! Raising a child properly, is the most selfless act you will ever do. Being a loving Mother or Father requires a great deal of sacrifice. To give love constantly, to a helpless child, to love your teenager, who disrespects you, to save your child from hurting themselves, takes great acts of love and courage. It is the most difficult job on the planet and yet so many of you choose this great sacrifice. Without your love and devotion to our children, the world would cease to exist. Your unselfish acts are what allow our cycle of life to continue. Thank you for your devotion in becoming the best parent that you can be.

Tonight though, I wish to comment on just how difficult it can be to raise loving children today. I can see all that parents go through each day. You are constantly giving of yourself. You each in your own way, want your child to be the best and that is very good. Shower your child with love first and then discipline. It is far better to teach with a loving heart than a stern one. Allow them to make mistakes, for remember they are children. Growing up is all about learning, even into adulthood.

Set a good example for your child. Talk with them, not to them. Listen to them. Be a source of comfort for them through good times and bad. Yell less and speak more. Raising your voice at home, only makes the problem worse. Try and remain calm when instructing your children on the way things should be done. They will listen better. Set good standards for them to follow. Be an inspiration to your children. Let them know, that nothing is beyond there grasp. Anything is possible with me.

I do not mean to criticize any of you. In fact, I am eternally grateful to each of you for taking on this super important role of parent. It is the most important role of your life. You are shaping our world. Each of your children will grow up and become adults. They will act and respond the way you have taught them. Continue to teach them well.

Remember, you are all children of God and we love you. You were entrusted to guard and raise these loving children and you are doing a great job. If you need help, please ask me. I can guide the hearts of children very easily. I am never beyond your reach, in fact, I stand proudly beside each of you. Celebrate life, celebrate being a parent, for it is a treasure from Heaven! I love you all".

Jesus Christ

Thursday, January 14, 2010


As I sit here, my heart filled with sadness and grief for the beautiful Haitian people, My Beloved Lord knows that I wish HIM to address this horrific situation. I believe these are HIS LOVING WORDS...

"To My Loving Children Around The World,

I am so sorry for the events that have unfolded in Haiti. The loss of life and suffering on earth has been enormous. All those that have perished in this natural disaster have become Martyrs in Heaven for Haiti. Their precious lives have not been in vain. All who have lost their life on earth, are now with me in Heaven. My loving arms were there to comfort all those that passed.

This poor country, the poorest of the poor, are where my loving people reside. For centuries they have suffered greatly, without the glare of the world. Now because of this tragedy, the world finally has their eyes on Haiti and it's people. My heart breaks for those that are suffering, hungry and in desperate need of medical help. My peace is with them. However, I do hope the world now responds quickly, to help these innocent children of mine. What some have been gifted to have on earth, others will have far more in Heaven.

I could not stop this from happening, just as I could not prevent my own death on earth. It was destiny. Some things happen, such as this event, without my Blessing. Now as the world watches, my prayer is that help successfully reaches the people of Haiti and healing begins. President Obama has pledged his support and I trust he will do everything in his power to assist during these grave days and months ahead. Other World Leaders have pledged their help and I am very grateful. When you reach out to help others, you in return, are helping yourself. The helpless of the world, need the most help.

To help those in need, give what you can. It may be money, clothes, food or just your time, to comfort those that need love. Be there for each other and recognize that you are all children of God, wherever you may live, I too am there.

Comfort is not always found on earth, but in Heaven, it is abundant. I will continue to help all those suffering in Haiti and in other parts of the world. I see all and I will respond with help. Be assured of this.

May this horrible tragedy open the eyes of the world and help my people in Haiti. Sometimes a tragedy can lead to new directions, growth and opportunities. I WILL BLESS ALL THOSE THAT ASSIST IN THIS RECOVERY AND HEALING PROCESS.

Thank you for listening. May the souls of your dearly departed rest with me forever in Heaven. Amen".

Jesus Christ

Monday, January 11, 2010


We meet people throughout our lifetime...anywhere, anytime and at different circumstances. Some people we connect with...we feel a genuine warmth, a bond and a friendship quickly forms. This was the case with John Daly...a stellar guy whom I met 6 years ago.

My boys, John and Mike were in the third grade and they went to Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Scarsdale, NY to tryout for the CYO basketball team. They were super excited, as was I. There on the court, was this very professional looking a dark suit, instructing the boys on doing drills. He did not look like a church volunteer, but rather a professional NCAA Basketball Coach. His style, mannerisms and seriousness all struck a cord in me. After some time, all the boys sat around in a circle and John spoke. He let them know, that this was basketball...not a recreational team, but a real competitive one. He was going to be teaching them skills...skills that they could develop and keep for a lifetime. John's motto was, "Play Hard and Play Smart". He only wanted dedicated boys on the team. This wasn't the NCAA however, John ran the team, as proudly as any College/University coach.

I met his wife Liz that night. She was in charge of registration. What John did on the court, Liz did behind the scenes with her organizational skills. Completing the forms, it said, "Emergency Contact", I so naturally asked Liz, whom I just met, if I could put her name down. She said, "sure, I am always here".

Well, that night I can still remember vividly in my mind and heart. You see, John did become my boys basketball coach for two wonderful years. In fact, my daughter Julia, also in the third grade, (being a triplet) was invited by John to train with the boys during the practices. He loved her smiling face and dedication to the sport and would say, "do you want to play"? She would shyly respond with a little nod, "yes" and John said, "then come on, what are you waiting for"?

As I write this, I fight the tears in my eyes and more deeply, in my heart. You see, John, whom later became my friend, passed away suddenly at a basketball game. I was not present at that game. However, on his way to that game, right after New Year' John was pulling out of the church parking lot, he saw me, opened his window and yelled, "Happy New Year Kath"! That was the last time I saw him. During the game, my dear friend, not feeling well, hugged his son and another boy he loved, gave them a kiss on the forehead and walked out of the gym. He collapsed in front of the building. John passed away shortly thereafter.

Today, three years later...the spirit of John Daly lives on. One way he lives through my beautiful children. You see, they all learned from the best...a man who taught them much more than how to dribble a basketball. He gave them all something...something special, which they keep closely within their heart and mind when they play basketball. You can see it and feel it! They play with fierce determination and concentration. They play as if their Coach John, is still watching them from the bench. They try and make as few mistakes as possible. They "Play Hard and Play Smart" or at least they try each game.

Although in my opinion, John left this earth way too soon...he is not really dead. Quite the contrary. John is healthy, alive and his home now, is in Heaven. John's spirit and soul live on...forever. He can see us and watch over us. He can lovingly guide us from Heaven too, if he wishes. When our bodies fail us on earth, we do not die. We leave our physical bodies and proceed in spirit to where we came from. To our real home...a place that is peaceful, happy and filled with love. That is where my friend is...I know this for sure.

Our life on earth, is not all we have. It may be the ending of "what we know and love", but it is the beginning of a new journey. No one really dies...things just change. It can be hard, sad and difficult to lose someone we love. John Daly left behind two incredible, loving boys, Jack...probably the best elementary/middle school basketball player in the world! In third grade, he could score 12 points, in under 2 minutes of the game, single handed. And Matt, his younger brother, who played basketball too and strived to be everything for his father. Matty always gave 100% in each game...because they learned from the best, their father.

Liz, Jack and Matt...I today am still sorry for your loss. My heart aches for all of you...Please know that your husband and Daddy is OK. John is with God...and God is taking good care of him! Till we all see each other again...

(Under John Daly's loving guidance and John Campana, Assistant Coach, the boys went on to win the 3rd and 4th grade CYO State Championship.)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


(I sit with Our Beloved Lord in prayer...and hear and feel HIS loving words to you...)

"To My Sweet Children,
Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and look forward to a good year!
There are many new and exciting things before you in 2010. I have plans for each of you in your life and I am in a very generous mood. There is nothing I would not give you, providing that it is good in your life.

Today I give you all HOPE! Hope is a gift of immense proportion. When the heart and spirit feel HOPE, they are raised in unison with me. My love and goodness shine upon you and your heart glows with my love.

Have HOPE in everything and for everything. Certainly, nothing is beyond me...and with your deep desires, I will answer all your prayers. I wish my Beloved Children to feel and be happy. This is so important to me, that I cannot express it enough. Life on earth can be challenging, so whenever you have an opportunity, be happy and joyful. Living out your obligations on earth can be difficult for some of you, therefore, enjoy your time whenever possible.

I want you all to see and feel my HOPE THAT I HAVE FOR EACH OF YOU! My HOPE is not small nor limited for any of you. It is bigger than any of you can imagine and that is good, for I love to surprise you with grand things. Please keep my HOPE close to your heart. Regardless of what you may experience on a daily basis, remember I am here and love you. NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP HOPE IN ME. That would break my heart.

I love you all.
Jesus Christ"

Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year to everyone reading this! I wish you all a fabulous year filled with God's joy, wisdom and love.

Moving Forward in our lives can be an exciting things are always presenting themselves and unfolding before our eyes. Life is full of change...and change can be good. Let us hope for great things this year and we...with God's help, will achieve our hearts desires.

Making decisions in 2010 does not have to be scary or cause us anxiety. I have one full-proof method to ensure that you are always "walking the correct way" and that "you will never get lost". IT IS CALLED JESUS. If you choose to align yourself with HIM, then YOU CAN NEVER WALK THE WRONG WAY OR MAKE THE WRONG DECISION.

To move forward and have peace in your life,
please first ASK GOD TO LEAD YOU!
TELL GOD TO MAKE HIS WILL KNOWN TO YOU...(what is best in your life)
LEARN TO TRUST GOD MORE...( allow yourself to Trust God, he wants the best for you)


Move Forward with God in 2010 without fear...
GOD is your safety net...
If you allow HIM to direct all your actions, you will have peace...
knowing that you are doing exactly at this moment...what is best for you.
Then, you will have more time to be happy and live in the moment... knowing that

Enjoy your New Year with God!
Smile more...