Thursday, December 24, 2009


It is Christmas Eve 2009...and as I sit here in prayer with Our Beloved Lord...I ask HIM to give us all HIS CHRISTMAS MESSAGE FOR THE WORLD. Here it is...

To My Loving Angels on Earth,
Merry Christmas! I hope each of you feels the reason to celebrate this year. The greatest reason to celebrate is because of my great love for you. Many, many years ago, I was sent here by my Beloved Father, to share a message with the world. The message of Salvation. This means you will all have Eternal Life. You will all be saved and your life as you know it here on earth, will not end, but rather change, to a more beautiful form.

This was an historic event when I was born, however truly, it was the Holy Conception of My Blessed Mother that began this event. She accepted God's will, My Father's, at all costs. She did not question HIM, nor complain. She accepted My Father's will and I became Man. My Mother suffered greatly and was ridiculed by many. Her faith in God carried her through all those hard months and years of unfair judgment. She was and is the first to conceive without sin and without knowing man. This was my Father's plan. I had to be unique and not born of another man, but of God's grace.

This Christmas and every year at this time, please remember what my Mother sacrificed for you and what I ultimately did for all of mankind. This was an act that I accepted freely and without hesitation. My birth and life on earth was all for you. So that we could be together forever freely, in a place where my Father dwells and I also reside. This place is called Heaven. It does exist and because of my dying, you are all invited and welcomed. Here you will share in the peace and joy of our love for each other. You will be reunited with your loved ones who have gone before you. They await for each and every one of you to return to them. They have not died. They are very much alive in a place that is truly glorious. And one day, I hope you will all join me in Heaven.

My child Kathleen works tirelessly for you all to know and hear my voice. Her devotion to me is without limits. She knows me intimately and I have Blessed her in many ways. She is the light of the world and has much to teach all of you.

I wish for my children to seek me all year long, not just during this Holy Season. It is quite easy to find me, for I am never far from any of you. Reach out to me and I will be there. Please talk to me and pray for whatever burdens are on your mind. Together, we can solve them all.

Finally for tonight, I wish peace in the world. I wish for harmony among people and countries. Do not fight each other, for you are not the enemy. Satan is. He will use any of you, if you allow him to. Do not allow him to use you for his poison. Resist and turn to me. Satan has no hold over me, nor will he have any hold over those that turn to me.

Good night, God Bless You All My Sweet Children. Please let me see you smile more and be joyous. It pleases me greatly when you are happy. Life on earth is temporary and will not last forever. Heaven is for all ages. Thank you for celebrating with me. Let us try to celebrate each day together. I LOVE YOU ALL !

Your friend and Saviour,
Jesus Christ

Sunday, December 20, 2009


These beautiful words are being dictated to me from our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ...

"What is happiness? Is it the same thing as joy? Is one similar to another? Yes, happiness stems from pure joy. Joy stems from your heart and soul being in union with one another and me. You might describe happiness as an attitude. You personally need to decide, if you wish to be happy and then allow yourself to experience it. I can certainly help you be happy and feel happy.

Life on earth is like a winding road. Throughout the road, there are trees, flowers, lakes and beautiful resting spots. All you have to do is open your eyes and you will see it. The beauty can be found. On the other side of the road, are the less attractive places and things. They are comprised of worry, fear, jealousy, selfishness, greed and unkindness. These things prevent you from being happy. If you look at them too long, they will trap you and pull you in to their disguise.

The way to avoid anything bad or excessive, is to stay close to me. I can help you balance your life in a healthy and uplifting way. Everyday stresses may come, however, I will ensure that they also go. The state of mind, which pleases me the most for you, my Beloved Children, is happiness. I wish all of you to be happy. Sometimes I intentionally put joyous things and people in your life, just to make you smile. I want everyone to smile more. There is so much deceit in the world, so I understand why it is hard to trust others. But try to. I will protect anyone who turns to me in private. My loving eyes are always upon them.

If you are in a difficult position now, it is OK. I will help you and things will change. So please be happy. If things are very good now in your life, please thank my Father and Mother. They deserve all your love and admiration. AND THE BEST WAY TO LIVE YOUR LIFE ON EARTH, IS WITH ME EACH DAY. I AM ALWAYS HERE AND AVAILABLE FOR LOVE, GUIDANCE, FRIENDSHIP AND SUPPORT. THERE IS NOTHING I WOULD NOT DO FOR MY BELOVED CHILDREN...IN FACT, I HAVE ALREADY DONE IT ALL.

Thanks for Listening.
Jesus Christ

Saturday, December 12, 2009


The following are the loving words I heard from Jesus today for you...I sit with Our Beloved Lord, pray and speak with HIM. I hope you all feel HIS love and joy...

To My Loving Family and Friends,
Happy Holidays to you all! I hope this Holy Season finds you happy and thankful for all. This year may be different for some of you during this Christmas. However, I wish to give you all a GIFT. THE GIFT OF JOY.

Joy originates from deep inside your soul and heart. It is light and not heavy. The burdens of the world slip away when you receive my JOY. Happiness replaces sadness and worry. True FAITH is realized, that I am responsible for you and will take care of you. Your happiness and well being is of great importance to me. When I see you happy, I am happy.

Open your heart to me this Holiday Season. Let me in. Recognize that I am here and love you. I wish my friends and family, you, to be happy this year. In the past, you may have had more material gifts to exchange with each other. That was nice. However, this year may be different from the past, but even more joyous. Material gifts sometimes bring people joy, but the GIFT OF JOY FROM ME, will replace any material item on earth. You see, my gift comes from a feeling, a feeling of happiness, contentment and love. You may have less, but inside you will shine brighter.

To receive my JOY, be at peace in your life. Realize you are doing everything you can to enhance your life. Think about what you really need this Holiday Season and I will ensure that you receive it. I have all good things planned. Fill yourself up with the important things, joy, happiness and appreciation for each other. I will do the rest.