Saturday, November 21, 2009


Jesus loves all of us. He reaches out to us in many ways. HE speaks to us through others, through silent prayer with HIM and also with words in our hearts and mind. Tonight, Jesus has a message to all his loving family and friends...he speaks openly to me and feels the need to comfort so many who are going through hardships. The following I believe are the words of Our Beloved Lord who speaks to me now... through my mind, heart and soul to you.

To My Loving Family and Friends,
I hear your prayers to me and my Father and my Beautiful Blessed Mother. We can hear all that you ask...and no one is forgotten on earth. So many of my faithful children are suffering with illness, finances, negativity and depression. I feel what you are experiencing and it breaks my heart to see you all suffer. Life is full of ups and downs on earth...but even they are not permanent. The balance of life shifts many times on earth. But throughout all, I AM HERE AND THERE IS NO NEED TO FEAR. I WILL NEVER ABANDON YOU AND ALLOW YOU TO BEAR CROSSES THAT ARE TOO HEAVY. I CAN STEP IN AND WILL STEP IN TO SAVE YOU. PLEASE REMEMBER HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU AND MY POWER IS OMNIPRESENT ON EARTH AND IN HEAVEN.

Stay close to me. Have trust and faith that I want to help you and I will. These are not empty promises. I will help you with any hardship you are experiencing now. Many of my Beloved Children are suffering on earth because of the greed of a few and it has caused much suffering among many. Some of you have caused your own hardships, but that is OK. It does not matter how you arrived in this particular situation in your life now...I will help get you out of it.

I only ask one thing of you. That please, in your heart and soul turn to me...allow yourself to know me and love me. I can give you many things that the world can not. I can give you my peace. My peace is special. It encompasses a deep trust that I can handle all the things in your life. I can. I did not start many of the problems on earth today, however, individually, one by one, I can solve your problems.

Whatever you truly need, I WILL PROVIDE. BE ASSURED OF THIS. Whether it is money to pay your bills, I will help. If you need work, I will find you a job or provide assistance in another way. If you feel sad and depressed, that is very easy for me to take care of. Come to me, give me your devotion and love...and I will replace sadness, with joy and confidence.

Times may be hard now, but they will change and become better. However, please let me define "better". I am most concerned with my children and friends "well being". I wish and hope that my children grow inward, where the things that really matter, in a person's life exists. It is their character and expectations that need to grow and be altered. During these times, if you chose, you can grow and value the things that are really important in life. Loving yourself, family, friends and strangers. Helping others in need and sharing what you have with others, who have less. Not valuing others based on their socioeconomic status, however, valuing them on the status of their heart. What you can build up now in your own life are treasures in your character. You can become better, than you were yesterday. It is really simple. People who have less, appreciate more and their material goals become more simplistic. Why is this good? "Because who you are inside, is what you are comprised of, not how you look on the outside".

Please do not live in fear, for I am here. I will make sure you are OK. The world sometimes may be a tricky place...for I have lived their once myself and know. However, I also knew MY ALMIGHTY FATHER and completely trusted in HIM. That is what I am asking all of you to do now, COMPLETELY TRUST IN ME.
Jesus Christ

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ginny said...

That is so powerful! I especially needed that, thank you so much.