Friday, November 27, 2009


Our life is constantly changing. New people come into our life and sometimes the old ones disappear. Our life changes like the is continuous. We cannot always control the happens sometimes quickly or slowly.

Our life is similar to a book. We write one chapter at a time. We should try our best to make sure each chapter is fulfilling. We are the main author. However, with all the person is constant and that is God.

God will never come into our life and disappear. HE will be with us during each season of our life. Each holiday we celebrate...God is present. Every joy we encounter, HE is there. Every heartache we experience, on our life journey, HE is there.

No one can ever take God away from you. HE is yours and you are HIS. As we remember the past...remember God was there. As we live in the present, remember God is here. As we look forward to our future, remember God will be there with us.

Throughout every season of our life, GOD IS PRESENT. All we have to do is notice. Create your own friendship with God... It may be with GOD THE FATHER, BELOVED JESUS CHRIST OR THE HOLY SPIRIT. Each part of the Holy Trinity loves you and wants to be by your side. Align yourself with one, two or all three.

As you experience each chapter of your life...with God as a central will be BLESSED, LOVED AND HAPPIER. (AND GOD WANTS NOTHING MORE THAN TO BE A CENTRAL FIGURE IN YOUR LIFE) Although our life may change with the seasons, GOD IS CONSTANT. Amen!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Give thanks for everyone you know in your life...they are there for a reason. To love you, to care for you, to give companionship and laugh with. God puts wonderful, amazing people in your life. Stop for a moment and think of all the nice, caring people you know. Then, reach out and let them know, how you appreciate them. It may be with a phone call, a card, an email or text...or in person. Share with them your does so much for the heart, mind and soul. It makes one feel validated. It makes one feel recognized. It makes one feel good.

He is trying to help you in every way. Giving thanks to God makes HIM also feel appreciated. It shows your gratitude. Although everything might not be going as you planned at this moment...remember God has the last say...and your journey is not finished yet! Appreciate what you have...give thanks to HIM and know that many more... good, exciting things are going to happen for you. Be patient, but stay positive!

APPRECIATION IS SO IMPORTANT! We need to appreciate ourselves because each one of us is great in our own way. The world might not see it yet...but God does!
SO APPRECIATE YOURSELF! Value and respect yourself each day. Do not let anyone put you down or make you feel bad about yourself. If you make a mistake, learn from it and move on. Forgive yourself...only God is perfect.

Appreciate your life and all the great people and things in it...
Give thanks and appreciate God...
I know HE appreciates it...

(Thank you... for all you wonderful people who visit my blog, read, share your thoughts and follow. You make me feel appreciated...and I thank you. I value all of you.)

Monday, November 23, 2009


Be at peace in your life. Know that everything with God's help will be better. Do not worry. It is useless. You by yourself...can only control so little in your life. Learn to love and trust God. It takes time to fully turn over your anxieties to HIM. But with time, as you grow closer to God...your life changes immensely.

YOU WILL RECEIVE THE GIFT OF INNER PEACE. It is priceless. As the world sometimes acts crazy around stay centered and calm with God. Drama in your life can not pull you in. You stop reacting to others who cause you pain .

YOU WILL DEVELOP AN INNER KNOWING THROUGH GOD. This inner knowing allows you to function in a peaceful, calm way through your day. Deep in your soul, heart and mind...there is an inner knowing that God is watching and ready to interact in your life whenever necessary.
No harm can come to you without HIS consent. Things will not "just happen by accident". Your awareness of God's presence in your life is heightened to a new level. This level is above the noise around you. You will have a deep understanding and feeling of being loved, special and protected.

TAKE AND ACCEPT GOD'S PEACE. It does not happen overnight. It takes some dedication on your part and faith in HIM. But I highly recommend it! HE wants you to smile more!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Jesus loves all of us. He reaches out to us in many ways. HE speaks to us through others, through silent prayer with HIM and also with words in our hearts and mind. Tonight, Jesus has a message to all his loving family and friends...he speaks openly to me and feels the need to comfort so many who are going through hardships. The following I believe are the words of Our Beloved Lord who speaks to me now... through my mind, heart and soul to you.

To My Loving Family and Friends,
I hear your prayers to me and my Father and my Beautiful Blessed Mother. We can hear all that you ask...and no one is forgotten on earth. So many of my faithful children are suffering with illness, finances, negativity and depression. I feel what you are experiencing and it breaks my heart to see you all suffer. Life is full of ups and downs on earth...but even they are not permanent. The balance of life shifts many times on earth. But throughout all, I AM HERE AND THERE IS NO NEED TO FEAR. I WILL NEVER ABANDON YOU AND ALLOW YOU TO BEAR CROSSES THAT ARE TOO HEAVY. I CAN STEP IN AND WILL STEP IN TO SAVE YOU. PLEASE REMEMBER HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU AND MY POWER IS OMNIPRESENT ON EARTH AND IN HEAVEN.

Stay close to me. Have trust and faith that I want to help you and I will. These are not empty promises. I will help you with any hardship you are experiencing now. Many of my Beloved Children are suffering on earth because of the greed of a few and it has caused much suffering among many. Some of you have caused your own hardships, but that is OK. It does not matter how you arrived in this particular situation in your life now...I will help get you out of it.

I only ask one thing of you. That please, in your heart and soul turn to me...allow yourself to know me and love me. I can give you many things that the world can not. I can give you my peace. My peace is special. It encompasses a deep trust that I can handle all the things in your life. I can. I did not start many of the problems on earth today, however, individually, one by one, I can solve your problems.

Whatever you truly need, I WILL PROVIDE. BE ASSURED OF THIS. Whether it is money to pay your bills, I will help. If you need work, I will find you a job or provide assistance in another way. If you feel sad and depressed, that is very easy for me to take care of. Come to me, give me your devotion and love...and I will replace sadness, with joy and confidence.

Times may be hard now, but they will change and become better. However, please let me define "better". I am most concerned with my children and friends "well being". I wish and hope that my children grow inward, where the things that really matter, in a person's life exists. It is their character and expectations that need to grow and be altered. During these times, if you chose, you can grow and value the things that are really important in life. Loving yourself, family, friends and strangers. Helping others in need and sharing what you have with others, who have less. Not valuing others based on their socioeconomic status, however, valuing them on the status of their heart. What you can build up now in your own life are treasures in your character. You can become better, than you were yesterday. It is really simple. People who have less, appreciate more and their material goals become more simplistic. Why is this good? "Because who you are inside, is what you are comprised of, not how you look on the outside".

Please do not live in fear, for I am here. I will make sure you are OK. The world sometimes may be a tricky place...for I have lived their once myself and know. However, I also knew MY ALMIGHTY FATHER and completely trusted in HIM. That is what I am asking all of you to do now, COMPLETELY TRUST IN ME.
Jesus Christ

Monday, November 9, 2009


In our lifetime, many different things occur. We are constantly changing as individuals and hopefully growing, to reach our full potential here on earth. Events unfold, sometimes slowly or quickly... sometimes now or in the future.

We have a somewhat limited view of our life and therefore, what we think is not always true. It is the same with events in our life. When we think "things" should happen, they do not always. This may cause us stress and disappointment. But it should not. Once you align yourself with God and begin to trust in HIM...whatever happens at anytime, you have confidence and peace with. You have a deep understanding, that "it was not meant to be at that time". Hopefully you understand that... GOD HAS IT UNDER CONTROL AND HIS TIMING FOR EVENTS TO HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE ARE ALWAYS PERFECT.

If you expand your awareness to include God in your daily life, then whatever accept and trust that it was for the best. Open your mind, heart and soul to the inner and outer happenings in your life. Things all fall together in your life when the time is perfect...not in our eyes...but God's. Look around at the events in your life and with a more conscious eye...start to notice that events unfold perfectly because of God. HE IS RUNNING EVERYTHING...OR SHALL I SAY ALLOWING EVERYTHING. If we really trust HIM...we will have little or no anxiety in our daily life. If you do not get something it was not the time. However, when it is perfect, the correct or best situation will present itself to you. God helps us and steers our life to the best possible outcome.

Be happy and grateful for everything. Although something did not happen when you thought it would...does not mean it will not happen. It may mean... it was not the best time in God's eyes. And when the good things "start to fall into place"...remember you deserve it! You and God are a team.
HE will always do what is best for HIS time. Why? Because HIS timing is always perfect and HE loves you greatly!

Friday, November 6, 2009


We meet people all the time in our daily life...strangers we pass on the street, acquaintances and friends, new and old.

God put people in our life for many reasons...
for love, friendship, companionship, advice, help, happiness and simple joy.

Life and situations can be misleading. What may look like a happy person...really in their heart, may be lonely. A neighbor who keeps to themselves maybe... would really love a chat with you.
Sometimes when we pass someone we know and say, "I'll call you" we really know how much that person would love a call and some company?

We all have busy lives...but let us all do a little more for others. Do something nice for someone. Call a friend. Give a compliment to a stranger. Smile more to others you meet. Offer to help someone in might be the simplest thing, but it shows support and caring...which we all need.

Do you know what I think is the greatest benefit from the creation of facebook? (and other social networking sites) It allows people to be connected and feel connected to one another. That is so important. People can reach out to old friends and meet new ones. Friendships on line are being formed and people are less lonely.

Wherever you are, you can make a difference.
GOD SOMETIMES USES US TO DO HIS WORK. So please be more aware...we always do not know... what lies behind the eyes of a person we encounter in our daily life. Give more of yourself... A little help can go a long way...
God will reward you because HE loves you and appreciates your kindness in helping others.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


As my daughter Julia reminded me, it does not matter where we are is where we end up...that matters the most! It is God's overall plan for our life, that is the most important. The journey will take us through the ups and downs and sometimes silent parts...but God is in control. He is navigating the journey for us. We have to want God to lead us, guide us and then allow HIM to. If we do this...then in the silent of our heart and soul...we are being lead by our Beloved Lord toward greatness.

At times, we may feel that we come to a crossroad and say, "now what? Where do we go? You are so silent Lord. What is the plan? Speak a little louder because I can't hear you". Many people today are struggling with all sorts of hardships. Some are worse than others. But each of us have trials and tribulations...and they are unique to our life. Where we are temporary. God is going to propel us for our greatness and HIS. Sometimes we just need to pause...and get back our strength and then continue on our journey.

God wants us to be happy. He wants to help us. Sometimes we can not imagine the great things that God has planned for us! So let's all stay positive! Smile, help one another and enjoy the journey!