Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Everyone has a past. Some good parts and some sad. If you are holding onto sad feelings and memories...and they are making you feel down, then ask God to get rid of them for you. It is not good for you to live in the past, nor to be unhappy.

WE CANNOT CONTROL EVERYTHING...IN FACT VERY LITTLE. So turn over your past to God and ask HIM to help you move on with your life. Ask HIM to heal you. TIME IS A HEALER AND WILL WIPE AWAY YOUR TEARS. We can not always understand why we were in certain situations or relationships. It may be a mystery. We may not be able to see the benefit, however, maybe God had one for us. All we can do is try and remember the good times and learn from our bad experiences. Continue to grow as an individual and walk with God by your side.

The future is not here yet. All good things are possible with God! As we continue on our life journey, evaluate your experiences honestly. What did we learn from them? Were you really happy? How can we alter our behaviour in the future to have a better outcome? Do not criticize yourself, that is not productive. Nobody is perfect. Just look within yourself and take responsibility for your own actions.

If you allow God to lead you in your life...
the outcome will be HIS choice for you.
Let Go and Let God...HE knows best...
And HE loves you very much!


Andrea said...

Thank you. I needed this today.

Blessings and prayers, andrea

K. Frangeskos said...

Dear Andrea,
Thank you for sharing and visiting. God is very powerful...ask HIM for whatever you need.

I hope to see you again.

Marty said...

Letting go of the past can be difficult, especially when the people around you are unable to forget your past. Have any idea about how to deal with that?

Andrea said...

I am following you on facebook. I hope you will consider following me on blogger, too.
Thanks for your sweet comment. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Blessings, andrea

K. Frangeskos said...

Dear Marty,
No body is perfect. When we hurt others, all we can do is say we are sorry...and truly mean it. We can try and make any "wrongs"..."rights".

We can look within ourselves, grow from the experience and become a better individual.
We can try and imitate The Lord in everything.

There may be people in our lives who are angry and look to others to take out their anger on. This is not right. All you can do is be loving. Some angry people have a lot of issues...and it is best to ask God for help. Pray for that person and yourself.

There are some people who may judge us in a negative light. They have their own reasons...and most of the time it has to do with their own insecurities and unhappiness.

Marty, do your best to move forward in your life. Ask God for help to heal anyone you may have hurt. Life is about growing and learning and then enjoying the journey.
Thanks for sharing and I hope this gives you a little insight.
Please stop by again soon.


Marty said...

Thank you for the words of encouragement. I recently wrote a blog down the same thought pattern of what you wrote. I really appreciate your thoughts! I needed the little reminder. Here is the blog posts that I wrote about this subject.


ginny said...

Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes, the past creeps up on me and I start to feel awful. Things I should have done, but didn't, words I should have said, but didn't, people I should have helped, but chose not to. Then I start to hate myself....until I am reminded that God has already forgiven me, and I need to forgive myself.
I felt encouraged today by your entry. Thank you dear one....

Millie River said...

Thank you Frangeskos for sharing your wisdom with us! You are inspiring.

K. Frangeskos said...

Dear Ginny,
God loves you so much...and please remember, as we get closer to God...we learn things, important lessons.
You cannot judge yourself on something you did in the past too harshly...we gain insight into ourselves and wisdom everyday.
All the love you give to others...more than compensates for any poor judgement you might have had in the past.
You are a sweet, loving person!
Look at who you are today...not as much as who we were...

If God have thousands of Angels like you, HE could take a couple of days off!

K. Frangeskos said...

To Millie,
Thanks for visiting and I am so happy that you felt inspired by reading this post.

As you shared with us on your blog, you have recently gone through some major changes...which take time to process and heal. You are a very strong and beautiful woman and I will continue to cheer you on in any way I can!
I hope to see you soon.
Best regards to you