Wednesday, October 14, 2009


You can not buy peace. If you have a million dollars in the bank or have a great high paying does not come with inner peace. Even our family and friends cannot bestow upon you real inner peace. It can only come from one place...GOD. Inner peace is a gift from above to you. It involves a closeness between you and God. Once you receive will feel different. You will have this calming feeling of joy and contentment in your life. Fear is eliminated and replaced with an inner smile...and a knowing that your life will be OK.

How do you receive it? I can not give it to you nor anyone else on earth. We can not purchase it at a store or receive it at a spa... ONLY GOD CAN GIVE YOU HIS PEACE...JUST FOR THE ASKING! All that you need is a willingness to turn to HIM. Develop or deepen your friendship with HIM by turning to God and being more aware of HIM in your life. Let God in your heart. Unlike some other relationships on earth, HE will not hurt you. As you grow closer to HIM, your perspective changes. When HE gives you his inner peace, you will know it! It has this calming effect upon you...that nobody can harm you and everything will be OK in your life. You will feel HIS love and companionship and it is beyond great! Clarity sets in, wisdom follows and your life becomes more simplistic, yet fuller. Full with all the important things...not shopping, money or an ego driven mind. Love and compassion takes over...and you change, from the inside out.

God's peace is priceless...ask for it, receive it and then enjoy!


Rich said...

Great posting Kathleen! That inner peace is what all of us want, and often, we look in the wrong places. Thanks for keeping us on track.

Lori Laws said...

This was a very great and to the point post on peace. My favorite/life scripture is Isaiah 26:3..."You will keep in perfect peace all whose eyes and thoughts are fixed on you." Blessings!

ginny said...

Excellent! I am constantly asking God to give me His inner peace. It is so necessary to be able to deal with all of life's issues and problems. I know that God is faithful to His promises, and sometimes I fall short on the trust thing. But, then I turn to Him and hide within His heart and weep and moan about how I need that peace. I know it is given to me. I am the one who cannot grasp that one huge truth, and so I continually am seeking it
Oh wow, did you get all that? Sorry for being so wordy.
Very inspiring K. Loved this one.

mytime said...

Thank you Kathy for reminding us that we are responsible for finding our own inner peace. Sometimes when we are stressed and disappointed with the way things are going on in our lives, we forget that when we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, the promise of an inner peace was made.

nothingprofound said...

No gift can surpass being at peace with oneself.

seahorse27 said...

Nice site that you have here... I bloghopped from Karim's

robinsgothealth said...

You said it all in this post! I have God's peace in my life and would not trade it for a thing! There is absolutely nothing in the world that can replace God's love!
You'll know it when it enters, because you will have never felt anything like it before. Peace beyond Understanding!
I’m fearless in my 39th year because I have come to know: Gods Promise; if God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31).

Shalom my friend

Rocky Garcia said...

Hello Kath!

I've just received your gift. Thank you so much for giving me this words! I really appreciate your effort on spreading the Word of God.

sarah said...

when your blog opens and the pic of Jesus is there - wow. Sarah

Anonymous said...

Amen, only God can give you the peace which surpasses all understanding! No one or no where on this earth can you find such a peace which is unexplainable to those who do not know Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for your beautiful comments. They have truly meant a lot to me and have been a comfort.

God bless and love you!