Saturday, October 17, 2009


If you knew you had 20 minutes left to live on earth, what would you do? How would you spend the last 20 minutes of your life? This is a big that might require a lot of thought.

Try to get in the mind set...20 minutes left... Is there something you would try and do before your time was up? Would you be surrounded by your family and friends? Would you pray? Would you reach out to God? Would you be scared? Just writing this, I just had to exhale...not because of a fear from dying, I am not afraid of dying. It was the idea of my beautiful children surrounding me and the thought of trying to say goodbye...which would be so difficult. And of course, my husband too.

But that would be the LAST 10 MINUTES OF MY LIFE...spending it with my family and perhaps, some very close friends. I would be sad because I would miss them and they would miss me. I would not be afraid of "what happens next" or "where I was going". I feel Blessed to know those answers from Our Beloved Lord.

But what about the FIRST 10 would I spend it, you might ask. My passion, love, knowledge and devotion is such, that I would want to spend the first 10 minutes of the last 20 minutes of my life, talking to the world about

Yes, you heard me correct. If I knew that I had 20 minutes left to live...I would hope that God permitted me to have access to a Cable/TV channel, such as CNN and I would be able to share with the whole world, all I knew about Jesus and why others should love HIM.


Please do not misinterpret my love and devotion for my family...however, if there was a media outlet for the world, my first duty would be to you all...on behalf of Jesus. I would try to convince you, with each precious second, of why you should reach out to HIM now...not later or perhaps at the end of your life.

I know what kind of person Jesus is...and how important it is for you all to know HIM. YOU CAN ALL BENEFIT FROM KNOWING AND LOVING JESUS! Do you think I would waste the last 10 minutes of my life, if HE were not so important? HE IS.

But please do not worry...I still have a long life to work for the Lord is not nearly is just flourishing. The Lord says, "When I am tired, I will tell HIM and then I will go home". Well, I never get tired of speaking about Our it looks like you all,
will be stuck with me, for a long time. I hope you do not mind.


Dr. James said...

Great post. I love the question. We must all look to The lord for answers to life's most challenging demands. Love is so important. The question is how do we give and receive love?

K. Frangeskos said...

Hi Dr.James,

I always try and imitate the Lord. He is my teacher and source for loving. My heart naturally comes from a loving with me, it is very easy to love others and receive it...

Thanks for sharing and I hope to see you again soon.

Jeremy Janson said...

Beautiful Kath. I loved this. What a great answer for how you would spend your last 20 minutes.

K. Frangeskos said...

Dear Jeremy,
I am happy that you read this post and loved it!

You know how deeply I feel about Our Lord...
I am so grateful to HIM that we met and are friends...
I wonder how you would spend your last 20 minutes? You are always so interesting!!!

Jewel Dee said...

We may not even be in control of our last 20 minutes on this earth.
We may be in a coma, unconscious or brain damaged.
We may be in agony from cancer and can't wait to go to the Lord.
That's the harsh truth.
We cannot control everything, but God is in control and through it all, we have to believe that His perfect will be done.

K. Frangeskos said...

Dear Jewel Dee,
Yes, the harsh reality is that some of us suffer greatly before we die...and others may suffer throughout their lifetime from a variety of ailments.

All we can do is try and lead a healthy lifestyle and most importantly, stay close to our Beloved God. If we cling or hold on to HIM, I believe our suffering will be eased...imagine holding "onto his robes" or HIS arm...that may give us some strength during times of difficulty.

God is always available to us and for us...HE will never leave us.
Thanks for sharing and please visit again anytime.

ginny said...

Good post. Hopefully, I would be surrounded by love, my children, grandkids, husband and we would all hold on and pray together.
This is a good post to really think about.

Halconite said...

Your post "20 Minutes to Live" reminds me of this immortal words from St. Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila : "I am a Catholic and wholeheartedly accept death for the Lord; if I have a thousand lives, all of them I will offer to Him." Manila Archbishop Julio Cardinal Rosales said on the life of St. Lorenzo: “Kahit saan nandoon ang mga Pilipino, ang katapatan sa Diyos ay dala-dala ng Pinoy (Wherever the Filipino may go, he carries his faith in God).”[

K. Frangeskos said...

Dear Ginny,
I pray that God keeps you surrounded in HIS love throughout your beautiful lifetime...
and when it is time for you to go HOME to Heaven, Jesus personally picks you. That is my prayer for you.

Stay happy and healthy,

K. Frangeskos said...

Dear Ginny,
I pray that God keeps you surrounded in HIS love throughout your beautiful lifetime...
and when it is time for you to go HOME to Heaven, Jesus personally picks you. That is my prayer for you.

Stay happy and healthy,

K. Frangeskos said...

To My Friend Halconite,
What a beautiful quote and message you left for us all...
I feel honored that my post,
"20 Minutes To Live"...reminded you of this great St. Lorenzo...and his message of love and devotion to Our Beloved Lord.

"Loving Jesus" elates our heart and soul to such a high level...that one can only continue to move closer to HIM...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful words and memories with us.
I hope to see you again soon.


Anonymous said...

this post is exactly, exactly what I needed to read today. How wonderful is our Awesome and Mighty God. I would live my last 20 minutes to the fullest in Christ Jesus because I know that when all is said and done that I will be united with Him in Heaven where there will be no more pain, no more sickness, no more heartache, no more worries! AMEN! Glory to God! Thank you Jesus! I know my family will be all right because I know our mighty God who heals the brokenhearted and comforts those who mourn will see them through. AMEN! Thank you so much for this awesome post!