Saturday, October 31, 2009


Each of us is at a different level...
a different stage
in our spiritual journey
We all have a unique relationship with God.

Some may like HIM
Some are close to HIM
Some may love HIM

Some may be angry with HIM and
Some may not know HIM at all

Some may want to grow closer
and others have no interest at all

We all have a choice...
in our own little way
and meet HIM later

But in the end, it really is only between
you and God anyway...

Whatever you up to you
Jesus is loving today and I am sure
HE will not change in 10, 20, or 50 years
We are the only ones who change over time...
Jesus will remain loving and kind

God is the final destination...
HE is the last stop on your journey

For those who want to find will
For those who wish to get closer to will
For those who wish to wait...that is OK too...
God is not going anywhere.
When you are ready...HE WILL BE THERE FOR YOU.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


It takes a lot to shock me or surprise me these days. I think I have heard just about it all. However, the following true story I will share with you is an actual account of a woman dying from cancer...with only hours or possibly a day or two left to live.

The background information is something we have all heard before...a young woman in her 50's is diagnosed with uterine cancer and proceeds to do everything in her power to be cured of this disease to save her life. She is told of her battle two years ago and proceeds with the love of her life, her husband Harold, of 29 years to endure every treatment to save her life. Not only is Diane happily married to Harold for 29 years...they had also worked together in their employment for 20 years. Diane and Harold have no children.

Their former employer was a wealthy older man whom they cared for in an exclusive area of New York. Harold and Diane lived with the wealthy man full time...therefore did not need or have a home of their own. Now unable to work and care for his wife full time, Harold quits his job and takes Diane to a clean and basic residential hotel where studios are a few hundred dollars a week. This enabled them to have access to a kitchen, bed and bathroom.

All the long days and nights, the devoted husband Harold does everything to care for his beautiful ailing wife of 29 years. Every medical test and treatment he does his best to pay for ...and the rest, signs a promissory note to repay the hospital. Harold will have to work two lifetimes to repay the hospital for trying to keep his wife alive. Sadly, after all medical treatment has failed and the cancer has overtaken her body...Diane fights to stay alive to "go home" and die in Texas, where her family resides.

Diane's Birthday is on Monday...and how she wishes to make it till then to see her family. If only she could manage and hold on. With her organs shutting down, her inability to walk, fluid building up in her legs, fluid on her lungs, make it hard for her to breath and sometime speak. Diane is brave each pain, however never complaining. Her doctor had given her husband that piece of paper...a prescription for a HOSPICE where Diane could go to die. However, Diane is holding on to see her family... for a trip to the airport, board a plane and then endure the 5 hour trip to "home".

Well, what is shocking about this story you might ask? You have heard perhaps similar accounts of others suffering from cancer. Well, I will share with you my shock and awe.

Remember the dutiful husband, who takes care of his wife 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the last 2 years? Alone. No family other than him here to care for her. Well, the sad realization set in that Diane would never be able to travel "home" to see her Mother, Father and family. She is too weak. No chance to make it home before her Birthday on Monday, November 2nd to die.

So what happens, you might ask? Her sister fly's in on Tuesday...who by the way is a nurse, to visit her dying sister. She had not seen her in two years. Her Mother and Father are arriving tomorrow. Diane's prayer is to stay alive till her parents arrive and to be strong, so as not to upset them. This story then takes a sickening, gut wrenching turn...the visiting sister, aka, the nurse is annoyed with the Dutiful Husband and begins to fight with him.
She yells at him, "why did you not bring my sister home? Do you not see how sick she is? Maybe she will not even be alive when my parents arrive here tomorrow? Why, why, why?"

The Dutiful Husband Harold responds, "because you never invited her. You or your parents never asked her to come home. Nobody invited her. Nobody said, "come home, so we can take care of you". Nobody said, come for even a visit. "

As I finish writing this, I just spoke with Diane. She asked me to pray for her for strength...that she could be strong for the others, to not upset them and cry. She asked for hope from God. She asked to sleep. I reminded her that the only one she should be concerned with is herself, her dutiful husband of 29 years and God. Everyone else will be fine.

I realize we should never judge others...or at least until we have walked in their shoes. I am glad that I am not walking in her sister's shoes, nor her parents who arrive tomorrow. To judge a loving husband and criticize someone who has done everything under the sun for his loving wife, is beyond nerve. To me it is unbelievable...

This is a perfect example of how people should look within themselves for their own acts of responsibility or lack of. Value your family, friends and others in the world. And then act upon it...especially if they are sick. Do not shun responsibility for caring for your own family and then cast a stone upon a lonely husband. May God give Harold peace one day in knowing that he did everything possible to care for his loving wife of 29 years. And may Diane's family...who are just flying in as their sister and daughter is dying, learn a lesson too. I think there are too many lessons here for me to mention.
God Bless You Diane. You are in my thoughts and prayers today.
And the future, I will remind you that, "God sees everything".

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Some of us may be Blessed to have a companion...a husband, wife or partner, to share our life with. We feel part of a union. We are connected somehow to this other person. It is a good feeling. We have someone to share our day with, our ups and downs, someone to speak with... who loves us unconditionally and only wants the best for us. They watch us lovingly and if we do something that is not good for us...they tell us. They tell us because they care...and only want the best for us.

Do you have a loving companion? Is there a person in your life that you connect to on a daily basis? Some people talk about meeting MR. RIGHT OR MRS. RIGHT...and feel if they do not meet them,...then they are alone. It does not have to be this way. I can share my loving companion with you, Our Beloved Lord. You see, I feel very Blessed because I found two loving companions in my life...My Beloved Lord and my husband...They are both similar and yet very different.

My Beloved Lord and I have a very strong, loving relationship. We share each day of my life here on earth together. HE is my loving companion who watches over me, loves me and guides me. I can discuss anything with HIM... I am never alone. He always has his loving eyes watching over me. That feels comforting, makes me smile and feel loved. I wish I had more of HIM sometimes on earth...but HE is probably wise, not to show up in person any time soon...I would never want HIM to leave.

I am super Blessed because I have a husband too. He also loves me, tries to guide me and makes me smile...

RIGHT NOW IN YOUR LIFE...THERE IS NO REASON FOR ANYONE TO FEEL ALONE...OR THAT THEY HAVE "No Companion" You do have one...and HIS name is Jesus! Live a special and happy life with Jesus today. Although HE may be different, HE is certainly very loving and real!

I should maybe call this post, "My Loving Companions"...because I have more than one. Think outside the box, is Jesus your loving companion? Can you do many things with HIM? Sure you up your heart and mind to the many options. If you allow yourself to realize the are never alone and Jesus will gladly accompany you each day of your life. Let HIM love you...

Everyone should have AT LEAST ONE LOVING COMPANION in their life...
I am willing to share the BELOVED LORD WITH YOU!
(believe me, you are going to love HIM...)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


There are only two things you need to get rid of your bad habits. One is a willingness to change, a determination to break the habit...using your powerful mind. Our mind is a resource of strength and power. Our innate ability to change our behavior is a lot stronger than most people are aware of. God gave us a make choices with and use as a weapon of strength against things we do, that we do not want to do. Ask yourself, is this a habit you want to break? Does this habit benefit you in good ways? If you already have the idea that the habit is bad, it probably is. Use your mind to think about it when you are calm and can think clearly. Then get ready to break yourself free... from the habit or addiction.

The second thing you need, to rid yourself of a bad habit, is God. Go to HIM and discuss how you want to be freed from this routine...of this way of living, specifically the bad habit. Ask God to give you the strength to overcome the desire. Ask HIM to show you the negative effects of doing this bad habit. Sometimes, we even need to feel physically sick for our bodies to tell us, "this is not good for us". God can allow this to happen for our benefit. HE will use all HIS power and wisdom to help you get rid of your bad habits.

God's mind is very strong...and coupled with your desire, determination within your own mind, you can BREAK ANY HABIT.

Bad habits are just routines that we allow ourselves to live by. We do not need to do something that we are not proud of or do not like. Decide in your mind, that enough is enough...then go to GOD AND ASK FOR HIS HELP!
Take one beautiful day at a time...see the beauty in everything that you have...not what you are giving up. Give up bad habits and replace them with good things. You will feel better about yourself...and God will be more than happy to help you. GOD ONLY WANTS THE BEST FOR YOU. Put HIS power and the power of your mind to work for you...not against you.


Thursday, October 22, 2009


The meaning of the word Faithful is enormous...
Hebrews 10:23

Jesus is honest
Jesus is trustworthy
Jesus will never break a promise to you
Jesus will provide for all your needs
Jesus is there for you in good times and bad
Jesus will never turn HIS back on you
Jesus will never leave you hanging in the cold
Jesus will come to your rescue
Jesus will appreciate you
Jesus will value you
Jesus will never tell you a lie
Jesus will always deliver
Jesus will protect you from all evil
Jesus will always love you
Jesus will always be your friend
Jesus promises us that we will never die
Jesus promises us that we will have a place near HIS Father's home
Jesus promises us eternal life

These are just some of the important things that Our Beloved Lord promises to you and me.


Don't you wish you knew a few more people like Jesus in your life? you even know anyone like HIM at all?

Show HIM your appreciation...
Value Jesus!
Today and everyday should be called
HE is the one person who truly deserves it...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Everyone has a past. Some good parts and some sad. If you are holding onto sad feelings and memories...and they are making you feel down, then ask God to get rid of them for you. It is not good for you to live in the past, nor to be unhappy.

WE CANNOT CONTROL EVERYTHING...IN FACT VERY LITTLE. So turn over your past to God and ask HIM to help you move on with your life. Ask HIM to heal you. TIME IS A HEALER AND WILL WIPE AWAY YOUR TEARS. We can not always understand why we were in certain situations or relationships. It may be a mystery. We may not be able to see the benefit, however, maybe God had one for us. All we can do is try and remember the good times and learn from our bad experiences. Continue to grow as an individual and walk with God by your side.

The future is not here yet. All good things are possible with God! As we continue on our life journey, evaluate your experiences honestly. What did we learn from them? Were you really happy? How can we alter our behaviour in the future to have a better outcome? Do not criticize yourself, that is not productive. Nobody is perfect. Just look within yourself and take responsibility for your own actions.

If you allow God to lead you in your life...
the outcome will be HIS choice for you.
Let Go and Let God...HE knows best...
And HE loves you very much!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


If you knew you had 20 minutes left to live on earth, what would you do? How would you spend the last 20 minutes of your life? This is a big that might require a lot of thought.

Try to get in the mind set...20 minutes left... Is there something you would try and do before your time was up? Would you be surrounded by your family and friends? Would you pray? Would you reach out to God? Would you be scared? Just writing this, I just had to exhale...not because of a fear from dying, I am not afraid of dying. It was the idea of my beautiful children surrounding me and the thought of trying to say goodbye...which would be so difficult. And of course, my husband too.

But that would be the LAST 10 MINUTES OF MY LIFE...spending it with my family and perhaps, some very close friends. I would be sad because I would miss them and they would miss me. I would not be afraid of "what happens next" or "where I was going". I feel Blessed to know those answers from Our Beloved Lord.

But what about the FIRST 10 would I spend it, you might ask. My passion, love, knowledge and devotion is such, that I would want to spend the first 10 minutes of the last 20 minutes of my life, talking to the world about

Yes, you heard me correct. If I knew that I had 20 minutes left to live...I would hope that God permitted me to have access to a Cable/TV channel, such as CNN and I would be able to share with the whole world, all I knew about Jesus and why others should love HIM.


Please do not misinterpret my love and devotion for my family...however, if there was a media outlet for the world, my first duty would be to you all...on behalf of Jesus. I would try to convince you, with each precious second, of why you should reach out to HIM now...not later or perhaps at the end of your life.

I know what kind of person Jesus is...and how important it is for you all to know HIM. YOU CAN ALL BENEFIT FROM KNOWING AND LOVING JESUS! Do you think I would waste the last 10 minutes of my life, if HE were not so important? HE IS.

But please do not worry...I still have a long life to work for the Lord is not nearly is just flourishing. The Lord says, "When I am tired, I will tell HIM and then I will go home". Well, I never get tired of speaking about Our it looks like you all,
will be stuck with me, for a long time. I hope you do not mind.

Friday, October 16, 2009


What is the purpose of you life? Do you know or think you know? Do you feel it changes throughout time? As there are seasons in life...are there seasons in our personal life...such as growing up, studying, finding a career we love, getting married and maybe having children?
Is there one major purpose in our life or are there many? So many questions and maybe not enough answers...

And it does...we might not see it now or understand it, but we have a purpose and a promise from God.

Psalm 138:8

Whether we have one main purpose or many...GOD WILL MAKE SURE WE FULFILL HIS DREAM FOR US...HIS PURPOSE! Which is great! Now we do not have to worry about, what is our purpose, finding it and then trying to figure out how we are going to get it done?


It is easier than you think. Just TURN TO GOD...AND SAY "HI, I WANT TO KNOW THE PURPOSE FOR MY LIFE. PLEASE GUIDE ME, BE MY FRIEND, HELP ME IN EVERYTHING". Remember HIM throughout your days and keep your heart open to God.

The Lord will fulfill the purpose for your life...but it would be great if you and HIM, did it together. Go to Jesus...HE is so nice and loving. Become devoted to HIM. Deepen your friendship with HIM.
Jesus will respond to you in many ways...and I bet the purpose of your life or purposes, will reveal itself to you grow closer to HIM! God is the best!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


You can not buy peace. If you have a million dollars in the bank or have a great high paying does not come with inner peace. Even our family and friends cannot bestow upon you real inner peace. It can only come from one place...GOD. Inner peace is a gift from above to you. It involves a closeness between you and God. Once you receive will feel different. You will have this calming feeling of joy and contentment in your life. Fear is eliminated and replaced with an inner smile...and a knowing that your life will be OK.

How do you receive it? I can not give it to you nor anyone else on earth. We can not purchase it at a store or receive it at a spa... ONLY GOD CAN GIVE YOU HIS PEACE...JUST FOR THE ASKING! All that you need is a willingness to turn to HIM. Develop or deepen your friendship with HIM by turning to God and being more aware of HIM in your life. Let God in your heart. Unlike some other relationships on earth, HE will not hurt you. As you grow closer to HIM, your perspective changes. When HE gives you his inner peace, you will know it! It has this calming effect upon you...that nobody can harm you and everything will be OK in your life. You will feel HIS love and companionship and it is beyond great! Clarity sets in, wisdom follows and your life becomes more simplistic, yet fuller. Full with all the important things...not shopping, money or an ego driven mind. Love and compassion takes over...and you change, from the inside out.

God's peace is priceless...ask for it, receive it and then enjoy!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Always believe that God has great plans for your life. Always strive towards your goals, no matter how difficult they may seem. Great dreams take great prepared to work hard to reach them. Keep going even if others do not understand your is yours, not theirs. Believe in yourself, that you are capable of achieving great successes and then nothing will stand in your way.

Never give up believing that God wants to help you. Although sometimes we may feel stuck in a situation or dead end road...GOD CAN CHANGE OUR LIFE OVERNIGHT. Talk to God about your goals and dreams. HE is waiting for the correct time to put everything into action. So we must prepare ourselves by thinking positive, going for whatever we wish to accomplish and never believe that we are limited in some way. WE ARE NOT LIMITED WITH GOD. He is our partner in life. God sees and knows the desires of your heart.

If you are not sure which direction to take in your life, ask HIM to point you in the right one. Have GOD lead you...HE will.

Hold onto your faith with all your might. Believe that God can...he has the power to do great things. IT WILL HAPPEN! Never give up faith in God or yourself. Together, you both can achieve all your dreams! It is never too late...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Let me share with you the best advice I know. Being a teenager is fun and exciting as you grow into adulthood. Middle School, High School and College are great times for you to become and blossom into who you are meant to be. There will be times that are challenging with school work, making friends, hanging out with the "right crowd" and choosing the right path.

But you can make WISE DECISIONS, GET THE HELP YOU NEED AND GET THROUGH ANYTHING WITH GOD BY YOUR SIDE. You see, God is really watching and can participate in your life. There are three very important people you may want to rely on for help. Build your relationship with one, two or all three. You pick and decide.

If you want to talk to a "Father Figure" or "Grandfather Figure"...go to HIM.
He is all wise, loving and powerful. HE will take you under HIS wing and protect you from any harm. HE will help you grow up into the man or woman you are destined to become... Ask Father for advice in any situation and become devoted to HIM. Father is loving and will guide you with everything. Think of HIM as an extra FATHER....BECAUSE HE REALLY IS.

HE is my best friend. HE is super powerful, cool, has a lot of patience and forgives us for our mistakes. However, HE will not let anyone "bully you around".
Jesus is the MOST POWERFUL NAME IN THE UNIVERSE...just saying "it", makes you stronger and HIS HELP IS ON THE WAY. Jesus can be the best friend you grow up with now...and keep throughout your lifetime. By getting close to Jesus, you will be more confident, make wiser choices and have a really cool powerful friend. HE will help you with everything.

Let the Holy Spirit walk with you everywhere, sorta like a guardian angel. Open your heart and mind to the will and love of God...and you will find the HOLY SPIRIT. The Holy Spirit can guide you through everything too. HE is that "little voice" inside of you that talks to you. Always listen to that little voice...for it will always be correct. For example, if you are running out of the house and forget your phone, the "little voice" might say, "Go back and get it". But you think no, I don't need it...I am already running late, so I will just go. Then later realize, "I should have taken my phone. I need it". Now I don't have it. ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT TO HELP YOU...AND YOU WILL SOMEHOW FIND A PHONE TO BORROW. BUT THE IMPORTANT LESSON IS ALWAYS LISTEN TO THAT INNER will never be wrong.

To have an easier, better life...get close to God. If you are smart you will. Let God guide you. Get rid of worrying, learn to lean on and trust in HIM. There is no problem too big for God to solve! God loves you and will never let you down.

I wish I knew these secrets when I was growing up... but hey, I KNOW IT NOW. Better late than never...