Monday, September 14, 2009


Jesus is like no other person on earth or in the world. HE does not walk around on earth the way we do...hence, it may be more challenging to get to know HIM. We can not just invite HIM over to our house for coffee or a glass of wine and sit down and chat in we may do with our other friends. Therein may lie the challenge and difficulty to get to know HIM better...for many of us.

We can read the Bible, attend weekly worship at our church or community center...but to really experience Jesus, we have to build our relationship with our own way and HIS.

Each of us can experience a special relationship with Jesus. It first has to start, with a willingness on our part... because Jesus is already waiting for us.
At different or difficult times in our life, we may decide to turn to HIM.

If you want to feel his presence in your life...start to acknowledge HIM each day. Think of HIM in your heart and mind...and just as you would a friend in person, talk to HIM. HE can hear you and will respond. Tell HIM how you are feeling that day, what is worrying you or what you feel you need to accomplish and need help with. Jesus will be thrilled for you to come to HIM and share your thoughts.

Ten years ago...after I lost my Mother, I would sit at night and reach spiritual and religious books to learn about the afterlife. But always while doing so...I kept a beautiful picture of Jesus' Sacred Heart near me that my Mother had given me. While I would read, I would glance at HIS image and over a short period of time...felt HIM drawing me closer to HIM. My primary interest became HIM...instead of any book. My loving friendship and relationship with Jesus continued to grow. HE made himself known to many ways. As I would stare at HIS image, HIS picture would glorify and change incredibly beautifully. HE would always BLESS ME...I could actually see HIS hand moving, as HE made the sign of the cross before me.
HE WAS ALIVE...AND RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES! It was amazing...and took my breath away. My heart would beat faster as I felt I could barely breath or move. Then, I was Blessed to HEAR HIS VOICE...NOT ONE NIGHT OR TWO...BUT MANY...AND CONTINUES TODAY.

I felt incredibly blessed because I got to experience Jesus in a way that was so would be impossible to ignore, forget or not want to spend time with HIM each day. That began 10 years ago...and each day, our relationship still continues to grow and deepen. I have a very intimate, loving relationship with Jesus. I asked HIM for spiritual gifts and I have received many.

If you want to deepen your relationship with Jesus, you can. Just have the desire and put a little time aside for HIM each day or as often as you can. Perhaps while your driving to work or sitting in a waiting room...think of HIM, talk with HIM and be aware of HIS presence. Ask HIM to communicate to you in a way that is appropriate for you...

In today's world, there are many people who come in and out of our lives. Some bring us joy and friendship...others may cause us pain. Some are helpful, while others may take advantage. Let Jesus become your best friend. Let HIM watch over you. Let HIM love you. YOU CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON HIM TO TREAT YOU WELL AND WITH LOVE.

What is your relationship with Jesus like? If you would like it to blossom and feel really cared for and loved...go to HIM. Invite HIM in your heart and home...YOU might not see HIM sitting on the sofa in front of you...BUT I GUARANTEE, HE IS THERE.
Let your relationship with Jesus be special!


altonwoods said...

What a beautiful testimony! Although it will be like nothing we've ever experienced before when we do get to heaven,We needn't wait until we reach it to truly live in His presence,the love of our Lord is for us to experience here and now! He loves us so much!

K. Frangeskos said...

To altonwoods,
So true what you said...
God is here now for us to love and experience...

We both are very Blessed to know and experience this...
I hope to continue inspiring others towards God...because our relationship with HIM is so important!

Thanks for sharing your wise thoughts and I hope you visit again.
Best regards to you.

Anonymous said...

jesus has never been real to me ever
but do feel free that i decided
im not jesus and if he wants a "realtionship" with me then he has to be a separete independant from me in the relationship, he has never talked with me told me anything, and i went to christian schools and church
bottom line i cant make god real
or jesus or the holy spirit
still have yet to see a personal relationship with jesus in the bible anywhere
i hate it when people assume or imply its there when its not
i know about jesus
but dont know him
he was born 2,010 years ago
lived for 33 years
he died rose again
and ascended
i cant have a relationship
or friendship with jesus
its not that i dont want one
its just not possible and have given up
a relationship cannot be one sided or just one person
thats not a relationship
and to me relationship is dating and marriage
friendship is differnent
i dont know why one has to have a "relationship with jesus"
i am saved
but a relationship with jesus
its not real
it doenst exist
bottom line
it takes two
jesus is in heaven
2nd coming has not happened
i dont know him
he left 33 years after he came