Friday, September 25, 2009


My Children,
(As dictated by Our Lord)

I am here for all of you. During periods of your life, there may be darkness filled with sadness and difficulties. But these times are only temporary. They have no staying power over me. I am the power who gives light to the world and sustains them. I am the one who will restore you in every way necessary for this life and the next.

Your faith may be tested at times by the world you live in and what you see. But my love and goodness will prevail in a world where there is illness and suffering. Please turn to me for everything.

I have messengers in the world to bring you signs of hope and love. I know what you are battling now and my love can sustain you. ALL YOU NEED IS FAITH IN ME. Yes, that is right. FAITH THAT I AM HERE AND CAN HELP YOU. I WILL HELP YOU.

There will be trails and tribulations on earth. The key to getting past all of it, is by uniting yourself with me. With me, you will feel my security, love and peace. You will not waver. You will remain strong through any storm. Your faith in me will carry you and I will be guiding you through every struggle and obstacle.

Do not worry my Beloved Friends and Children. Instead, lean on me and bring me your fears and anxieties. I will remove them from you. If you TRUST IN ME, I WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN.



ginny said...

I truly loved this one. How often do I feel abandoned during the trials of my life. I want to trust Jesus, sometimes, I fall short.
On your entry it says as dictated by Christ. To whom is it dictated? I can find no where on your blog that explains this.

K. Frangeskos said...

Hi ginny,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments.

I believe that Our Lord dictates his messages to us, his children and loved ones through me.

I am always united with Our Lord through out my day...and when I feel an urging on HIS part or I wish HIM to give us a message...I sit quietly with HIS beautiful image and our Blessed Mother and pray. Then, I believe HE dictates a message to us all. I pray about the message for a while before I publish it.

I hope this answers your question. Please feel free to ask me a question anytime.
God Bless You and
Warm regards to you

ginny said...

Thank you for that. I believe that you are a very spirit filled woman, and are so blessed to be so close to our Lord. I know He speaks to all of us, but not everyone listens to Him. You are very gifted. I look forward to reading more messages.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are struggling with financial hardship due to a fraudulent contractor and even at sentencing I told this man that we forgave him because we are christians and this is what Jesus would do as he loves all, but we would never forget what he had placed our family in facing bankruptcy on a home we cannot live in or sell due to the damage he left our home in. Also, other obstacles prior to this, loss of employment due to unethical requests made and the world itself has tested our faith. Our faith is strong as we do not blame the Lord and Jesus for these things or people that harm others, but know that it is the world (devil) and know that Jesus still loves us and does not wish this on us. But, although I have been entering the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes and others for about 6 months know, hoping that we would fortunately win, not only for us to be able to get back on our feet financially and be able to find another home (not house), but to relieve ourselves of debt and also help others who have faced this same tribulation "individual" families that noone but the Lord knows, not only charities or organizations that you are recognized from, but those you are not that really need help. And of course, our family members, true friends, and others who have helped us as they could in order to say "thank you" and that this money is from Jesus himself, not just us, so that others may have faith through our witness. But, we are facing bankrtupcy now and realize that Jesus may not have this winning in his plans. There is noone anymore that helps "people", just organizations, or charities, and even some churches (large) sometimes forget what the house of the Lord is all about, not only for a large number, but for only one as Jesus always took the time to stop for one person to help them and did not want recognition. I have tried asking for help from those that could (wealthy) humbly, but was denied 33 times and now feel very embarassed. I was just trying to help my husband and thinking there was hope for us. But, we have recognized that we will face whatever we have to because we are fatiqued and lost of hope. But we know that Jesus does loves us. And faith is very important to have a true relationship with him. I pray that this world (all the people) will wake up and love each other as he loves us and them.