Sunday, August 23, 2009


We all have memories...some good and some bad.
They are comprised of people we met, situations we were in...
relationships that brought us love and joy and
others that caused us pain in the end.

How do we move forward in our life?
Our minds so often replay the
events that unfolded...
which still cause us heartache and pain.
What do we do?
Should we analyze every detail of our past and
see what we could have done differently?
Maybe...if it can help us grow as individuals and become stronger people.
We can try and be objective and look at our previous situation...and see where it led us.

However, we cannot change the past...and that is OK.
We should accept our responsibility and our role in it and then grow from it.
HE knows how you may have suffered and wants you to turn to HIM and move forward.

Now is a time to heal. Turn to God and ask HIM to comfort you in any painful memories you may have. Ask HIM to make you strong to get through any situation you find yourself in now.
GOD does not want you to beat yourself up with regrets and "what ifs?"...

In order to move forward in your life,
ask GOD to help you.
We are really a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

If something did not work out before...I bet there is a good reason for it.
You may not understand or know it...but God does. In time, HE may reveal things to you and you will have a new awareness that says "OK, now I know why it did not work".
It may be a job you did not get...or a relationship which ended and broke your heart.

God does not want you to harbor bad and painful thoughts. Ask HIM to help you learn anything you can from that experience and then quickly move forward in your life. There are many chapters in our lives...and God has the next one planned for you.

Grieve your past if you must...but do it along side God.
You will feel his love, comfort and peace...and soon a feeling of calm will come over you.
You will realize that HE is with you on this journey and does not want you to feel hurt and sad.

St. Padre Pio once said, "Thank God for everything"... because we never know what could have been. Things could always have been a lot just were not aware of it.

Now the past is over and time to look forward to new
and exciting things to come...
Live through each experience with GOD...
and no matter what the world throws at you...
you will survive!

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7th heaven said...

Well, it's very very true. Leave behind the past. It's never too late to reform. In case some one has committed mistakes or sins(pray not) in the past, it's never late to start over. Repent, when true, washes all the sins.