Friday, July 17, 2009


I will not be afraid of the future. The world is a big place and there are always things happening and changing in our lives. GOD may have a new direction for us...of dreams and goals to fulfill. Can we see the change happening or better yet...feel it ?

I usually can. So I have a choice to make. Do I allow myself to become afraid of the change...that may happen or DO I TRUST IN GOD MORE?

Change can happen so slowly, that sometimes you do not even notice...or you may not want to notice. THINK OF GOD.

Change can also happen at a rate that you can see and anticipate the action. You gain strength and feel prepared for the outcome. LET GOD WALK YOU THROUGH THE CHANGE ... YOU WILL EXPERIENCE IT... IN A BETTER WAY.

Then there is the "unexpected" change...usually the worst kind. A child goes off to war, an unexpected illness in the family, diagnosis of Cancer for anyone you love , a death of a loved one, unemployment or you find yourself financially broke because of this economy...and just surviving becomes a full time job. CLING ON TO GOD ! HE WILL HELP YOU.

Waiting to hear news of an outcome may also be brutal...BUT REFUSE TO LIVE IN FEAR.

I know what I preach. These are not just words to fill a page. They are from my first hand experiences with Jesus.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS HAVE TRUST IN GOD in your current and future situations ...
Ask HIM for his help...
HE can hear you and HE loves you.
Nothing is impossible with God!

We can not always see the benefits to some things...but God has a reason.

So what do you prefer? You can make a choice right now.
Trust in God or live in fear of the unknown?


7th heaven said...

After many years of wondering I finally realised what god was. He was the faith power within us. When we believe in god, we believe in that faith which drives us to success.

K. Frangeskos said...

Dear 7th heaven,
You never cease to amaze me...
You are so such a young age!
You are so very correct. Having Faith can give us everything we need in our lifetime.
Faith can give us courage, strength, peace of mind, trust in God and ourselves.
God is very powerful and when we have faith in are we!

Thanks for sharing your insightful comments. I hope you visit soon again...and that you are enjoying your summer!
Warm regards

Jim Fargiano said...

Somehow, if we all understand that the only thing constant in life and the universe is change, then it should be easier to accept. That is a far cry from being able to process it through our human eyes and experiences. You are right; God and Spirit will always carry us through it, but we need to embrace that fact.

While we are living through our soul's journey, it is important for us to feel the infinite power that does protect us. It is ironic that we reach to God mostly during times of stress when our periods of stress would be lessened if we stay connected to the High Powers when things are going well too.

K. Frangeskos said...

Dear Jim,
It is always a great pleasure to have you visit and comment. You provide an insight into our spiritual side...our core of existence.

It is so true, that if we stay connected to God throughout our days...when trouble arises, we are better prepared to handle anything. Going to God in times of need is good, however going to HIM all the better.

HE loves to see us happy too and for us to share our joy with HIM.

I hope to see you again soon!
Warmest regards said...

If the Lord revealed to the writer of Hebrews almost 2000 years ago that the world was made out of "atoms" or better yet "cathode rays" and it took humans up until about 100 years ago to discover it- I think I will stick with the Lord's direction too:)

If you would like to read my article on "the invisible world" here is the link

Hope you will be blessed
May the Lord Bless your life
Rev Deb

scrapydapy said...

That is sort of where I am. I am still learning to trust in God.

Jeremy Janson said...

I've lately been dealing with some resentment from years past about authority, coupled with the pride of at times succeeding by lawlessness of the heart. My Lord is walking me through this, surrounding me with friends who can help me with this, and growing the Helper within me day by day, week by week, so I may finally be at peace with truly balanced deep love for God.

Ironically, this pain I've been having may make me a better lawman, one who really understands where perversion comes from and what must be done about it, and I will partake in that in one way or another.

Anonymous said...

7th heaven is almost right. God is not a power we find within ourselves, He is the Almighty Creator of the universe. We look up to find Him, not within. "All our righteousness are as filthy rags" (Is 64:6) We need God's righteousness to cleanse our sinful hearts. Faith is a gift (Rom 12:3) that is exercised or not, and God is gracious to add to our faith where we are wanting.

Anonymous said...

i cant drive far from my home.i will panic. i cry out for GOD. but i still fear.

weak christain

san jose car donation charity said...

God is the foundation of my life. He give me hope whenever I feel so down and frustrated. He give me strength whenever I feel weak. He help me every time I needed His help. He never let me feel alone. He is always by my side. I will praise Him forever!