Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Don't worry! God has been watching and is ready to ACT. Do you sometimes feel that you can not take it anymore? You physically feel pain in your body and know you are suffering... or emotionally, your heart is broken from a past relationship...and you feel anger, sadness and hurt...
Is taking care of your every day responsibilities draining you and you feel that you are at the end of your rope? When do you get a break? You need a reprieve and quick!

CALL OUT TO GOD ! HE knows you are at your limit...and now quickly watch, as HE sends help. Things start to change, circumstances lighten up, time for you suddenly appears...it is NO COINCIDENCE! It is God working and quickly. He is going to save you from the way you are feeling and your situation.

In regards to an old painful relationship...if you allow God to...he will help you see "what really happened". AND IF YOU ARE NO LONGER WITH THAT PERSON, THERE IS A GOOD REASON, IT WAS MAYBE NOT GOOD FOR YOU...A new relationship will open up, that is perhaps better suited for you. At the very least, look back at the relationship and evaluate it honestly. What happened and what went wrong? WERE YOU REALLY HAPPY OR DID YOU JUST THINK YOU WERE? Have you grown as a person from that experience? Life is a journey, where we learn lessons...and GOD knows and wants that for us.

A GOOD THING HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE AT YOUR WITS END...TRUST AND KNOW THAT GOD IS SENDING HELP IMMEDIATELY TO CHANGE YOUR SITUATION AND HELP YOU FEEL BETTER. So get excited, if you are really at the end of your rope, help is just minutes or hours away! That is the good news...GOD will never leave you hanging, NEVER!

I learned this from past experiences.....it is ALL TRUE !


Fernando said...

Wise person who its blog is very seemed mine? Congratulations for us. Abraços

Anonymous said...

Wise person who its blog is very seemed mine? Congratulations for us. Abraços

Anonymous said...

Indeed, most of the time we,- as pilgrims, spent a lot of time thinking of our destination but failed to enjoy the presence of the beautiful scenery along the road and those people who travel with us, especially Jesus,.. our unseen friend and companion...


K. Frangeskos said...

Fernando and Mundomaior (Blog Site),
Thank you for your nice comments...You are my brazilian friend and Jesus is our friend!
Keep in touch.
K Frangeskos

K. Frangeskos said...

Thank you for your words of wisdom...it is so important to remember the journey of our life too...not just the destination. All the best friend,
K. Frangeskos

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