Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Throughout the day yesterday and today, when I heard the news about Ms. Natasha Richardson, I though how tragic, how very sad... to lose your life so young, so quickly and leave behind 2 young boys... and a loving husband. She seemed so sweet, nice and had a smile that was full of life .

We do not understand why God allows some of us to live longer lives than others...It is a mystery...and we will never really know until we meet HIM in person...and then and only then...will things be made more clear to us.

There is only one thing I know for sure. This is not our final HOME. This place, which we consider home, is really our journey... to another place. We are all going someplace. We do not know exactly what it looks like or feels like but our lives here are temporary.

I wish to express my sincere sorrow to Mr. Liam Neeson and his family. I will pray that God helps them all through these horrible days and years ahead. To lose your Mother at any age is heartbreaking... and my prayers and well wishes goes out to their two young sons.

I believe Ms. Natasha Richardsons spirit has not died. She will always love her family, guide them and watch over them, here on earth...until they are all reunited again.

K. Frangeskos

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