Saturday, March 21, 2009

BELIEVING IS NOT ALWAYS SEEING... Part 2 (Please scroll down to read Part 1 first)

You may pray for whatever it is, that you feel you need or wish. You actually do not even have to ask, because God already knows what you need, before you ask HIM, but it is good to discuss everything with HIM and have a dialogue and discussion. Secondly, you have to have FAITH, "that if it is good for you, you will receive it".

THE CHALLENGING PART IS THE WAITING, the waiting for the answers to our prayers. We of course, always think that what we are asking for is good and the best for us, but is it always? Sometimes, we can not see beyond a certain point in our lives, a time where things will be different and may actually be better. We can only ask for in the present, what we perceive is "good for us", but GOD does not have to perceive, because BELOVED JESUS is all knowing. He knows what is best for us and wants to give us all, the best of everything.

Believe me, having a deep loving relationship with Jesus in my humanness, I think may be frustrating sometimes for HIM...because I am a talker, I can be persuasive and I know that sometimes I "talk him to death". Of course, this is not possible. HE will never die from me or you talking to him. He is quite patient. In actuality, GOD is more impatient with us, when we do not talk with him. He much prefers that we talk to him to ease our worries, discuss our tribulations and receive his peace and love.

Having faith and spending time communicating with God is important. You have to believe that A) There is a God.
B) HE is listening.
C) HE will do what is best for you
D) Whatever the outcome, HE will be there for you.
It reminds me of a wedding vow, in good times and bad, sickness and health, God is always there. Unlike separations and unfortunately divorce, GOD will never leave us or separate from us. Only we are the unfortunate one, who could and would possibly turn their back on HIM. God will never.

Faith is not something which you acquire, collect or forget about. It is an inner belief which we must remember and practice. Our faith will and can be tested by others and maybe sometimes by God. But it is one thing, that in my opinion, you must never let go of, YOUR FAITH...YOUR BELIEF THAT GOD LOVES YOU AND WILL HELP YOU THROUGH ANYTHING. Hold on tight to that idea, walk around knowing it and believing it...because it is the truth!

You deserve to know the truth. God wants you to know the truth. He is tired of others deceiving you in this world. Have faith in God, believe in HIM and he will pull you through any situation.

I learned one very important lesson years ago. When things work out in my favor, I always thank God and when things do not work out in my favor, I still thank God. Why? Because I know deep down, that the result, at that time, WAS THE BEST FOR ME. I MAY CRY OR BE ANGRY, BUT I ALWAYS KNOW, IT WAS AND IS FOR THE BEST. I HAVE FAITH. GOD WILL ALWAYS PROTECT YOU.

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