Saturday, March 21, 2009


You have to have FAITH no matter what...If there is one thing to believe or remember, is that GOD is always there and will never abandon you.

FAITH is the core of everything. It is your inner belief system, that somehow "everything will work out". It is not always easy, sometimes it is extremely difficult, to let go of, what we think we have control of and let GOD handle it. We may feel like we are giving up if we let go, but in actuality, we are not giving up, we are giving in to GOD, to his will, which above all, is BEST FOR US.

This may be a hard and difficult concept for some of us to trust in. It takes practice, a lot of practice. We do not always know the future, sometimes we can only see what is in front of us. So to think that there is a better solution to a problem that we can not see, is also difficult. It is difficult to trust. But this is where FAITH comes in. If we do not have trust, we can not have faith.

When we trust in God, then we have faith. We demonstrate faith when we trust. When we believe, we have faith. FAITH IS BELIEVING IN WHAT WE CANNOT SEE. Faith is believing that God will somehow save us from our current situation, which may seem bleak or hopeless. Save us from ourselves, who are lonely and hopeless, that we will find love, happiness and companionship.

Believing in God takes strength. It is a gift from God that we possess and can either develop further or let go of. He does not force us...but HE WANTS US TO TRUST HIM, TO HAVE FAITH THAT HE WILL TAKE CARE OF US, IN ALL OUR NEEDS.

Faith, on the surface, sounds easy. Believe and it will happen. It will work out alright for you. However, this is not always the case. First of all, during trying and difficult times, having faith and keeping it, can be extremely difficult, exhausting and draining. You have to keep on trying, plugging away, even when things do not always look good. FAITH is the only thing you have and the only thing you have left to hold onto, BUT IT IS REALLY THE ONLY THING YOU NEED.

GOD is all knowing, loving and powerful. Nothing gets by unnoticed on HIS watch. When you place your trust in HIM and have deep FAITH, that is the only possession you need to survive. Because NOTHING can happen to you without his consent, without his approval and without his permission. FAITH is knowing deep in your heart that GOD is there, HE IS WATCHING AND INTERACTING WHENEVER NECESSARY. There are no mistakes with GOD. HE does not make mistakes, only we as human beings do.

Sure, you may think it is easy for me to sit here and write this, while some of you reading this, may be facing the most difficult challenge of your life or you are trying to make an important decision...but prayer and faith are what will get you through it. ( Please Read Part 2 to conclude)

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