Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Change can be scary and difficult. It sometimes feels weird, different and unfamiliar.

If you can imagine "change" as being a positive thing in your life, then change can be exciting, new and you welcome it.

On the other hand, if change causes you pain, heartache, and regret, hang in there. The situation may still have a positive outcome, however, one that you can not yet see.

The best choice we can make when we are faced with "change" is to CHANGE WITH GOD. This way HE secures us to him. HE gives us strength, courage, love and peace. If we ask HIM to be there with us, HE will and will let his presence be known to us. That will give us great comfort in a time that may be uneasy.

Always ask GOD to be with you. Then you will never have to experience change alone. It is hard to be scared when you focus on HIM. GOD is stronger than you ever have to be!


Anonymous said...

I am very inspired by your creative writing. I love your passage about change. I hope you continue to keep writing!

mytime said...

Your blog is inspirational and I look forward to following your positive thoughts on Jesus' influence on our daily lives.

Anonymous said...

Your writing is very inspiring. I am hoping by reading your blog, it will bring me closer to Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Your writing is very inspiring and emotional for me. I am having a hard time believing in myself and find myself taking it out on th eones I love most. My insecurities become apparent at a time in my life when I should be so proud of myaccomplishments. I pray and have faith but don't always feel connected. I will continue to read your blog. God Speed!!