Friday, January 30, 2009


We have to believe and remember this, GOD = POSSIBILITIES. If we close our eyes and hold onto that concept tightly, GOD = POSSIBILITIES, it can change our attitude, give us hope and take away our fears. We can do anything. Anything good can happen to us. GOD can allow it all.

Do you have a dream or an idea of something you would like to happen in your life? Do not be afraid to dream. Have a goal and ask GOD to help you or ask HIM to "Do it". HE does not mind. He loves to help and guide his children, us. Any possibilities that we can possibly think of, HE has already thought of and more. Our brains are limited in seeing all the possibilities for our life...sometimes we need help, not only from one another on earth, but from GOD. Ask HIM, what possibilities does HE have for us? He has many.

GOD wishes for us to be happy. HE does not want us to suffer. We may sometimes think that HE does not care because of how we suffer and also see great suffering throughout the world, but he did not do that. HE may allow some suffering to happen or occur, however, he did not cause it, nor does HE like it and want it to continue.

In order to have possibilities, we usually have change. Embrace it and do not be afraid.

When you ask GOD for his advice and help, tell HIM you want "HIS will to be done". HIS way will ALWAYS BE THE BEST FOR YOU. GOD'S possibilities for your life are without limits. I am sure that GOD has possibilities for each of us to discover and explore, HE is just waiting for us and the correct time.

Life on earth is difficult and sad at times, yet also joyous, great and fun. Let us try to remember that GOD = POSSIBILITIES for the times when life is difficult and sad...and when it is easy, great and fun, remember to Thank HIM.

Ask GOD to reveal some of the possibilities for your life. HE is happy to. Ask HIM to help you succeed. HE will do it because HE loves you and truly wants you to be happy. GOD IS GREAT AND VERY NICE !

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Change can be scary and difficult. It sometimes feels weird, different and unfamiliar.

If you can imagine "change" as being a positive thing in your life, then change can be exciting, new and you welcome it.

On the other hand, if change causes you pain, heartache, and regret, hang in there. The situation may still have a positive outcome, however, one that you can not yet see.

The best choice we can make when we are faced with "change" is to CHANGE WITH GOD. This way HE secures us to him. HE gives us strength, courage, love and peace. If we ask HIM to be there with us, HE will and will let his presence be known to us. That will give us great comfort in a time that may be uneasy.

Always ask GOD to be with you. Then you will never have to experience change alone. It is hard to be scared when you focus on HIM. GOD is stronger than you ever have to be!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Jesus knows what you need. These are not just words, but reality. Jesus already knows all that is in your heart, mind and soul. He knows all the things that trouble you and all the things that bring you joy and happiness. JESUS is all knowing and that is a very good thing.

So many times, we do not know what we need or really want. We believe we may know, however, we do not. As we grow and allow life's lessons to teach us, we become more knowing. In every step we take, we can learn and become better and stronger individuals.

The journey of our lives and evolution can be exciting and fearless if we allow God to be in our lives. First, we must acknowledge that HE exists. Secondly, that HE loves us and only wants the best for us. Third, HE will never leave us or let us down and finally fourth, WITH GOD, WE WILL ALL SUCCEED. Success can be measured in our eyes, however, the way God measures success is more important. He takes into measurement, all that we are and all that we have done. HE does not measure all the material things we have collected. Those stay behind. They are not important.

During today's economic downfall, we can take this time to ask God to first, provide all that we need for ourselves and our families. Secondly, help us simplify our egos and learn not to feel competitive or jealous of our neighbors. Material possessions are not all that. Having the basics are important. We ourselves need to take some responsibility, in how we manage our money.

This time in our lives can be one of growth. We can benefit. Just as Jesus knows what we need and will somehow provide for all of us, we too can learn to be more wise in our financial decisions. Opening our eyes and becoming more simplistic, can lead us to a feeling of comfort. We can become more appreciative of what we have and somehow navigate through the falsehoods that "material things make us feel better".

What will ultimately make us feel better is knowing that God loves us and will help us. HE is beside us and sees all. Simplicity can be peaceful. Knowing all your needs will be met is comforting. Not worrying about the future is comforting. Do not worry. TRUST IN GOD. Replace WORRY with TRUST. All we have to do is act responsibly, God will do the rest.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Jesus is your friend! No matter what is going on in your life at this moment, HE is watching and may just not be aware of it. TRUST THAT WHATEVER IS HAPPENING NOW, JESUS IS ALLOWING... BECAUSE IT WILL BENEFIT YOU IN SOME WAY...IN THE PRESENT TIME OR FUTURE.

Always ask Jesus to guide you in your decisions, then move forward and know that God is allowing that decision to happen. If you always ask HIM first before making decisions, know that which ever way you walk, HE is beside you. JESUS will never have you ask for his help and then abandon you.


Once you become friends with Jesus, your whole world and perspective will change. You will have NOTHING TO FEAR!!!

Try talking to HIM, HE is listening. Jesus will respond in many ways.

I can help you become more aware of his presence in your life. HE is always communicating!